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Dec 18, 2012 10:20 PM

NEW: Cakes & Purls Bakery, Downtown Berkeley - tarts, cupcakes, NY-style cheesecake

Read on Yelp about the new Cakes & Purls Bakery in Berkeley. They sell tarts, cupcakes, NY-style cheesecake, etc.

Hope to read some reports soon.

Cakes & Purls
2115 Allston Way, Berkeley

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  1. Grabbed a eggnog cupcake and some 7-layer cookies. Solid cupcake, with tasty icing that either had, or reminded me, of boozy eggnog.

    I got the 7-layer cookie to see how it matched my memories of the dried out and mealy 7-layer cookies that are ubiquitous in NY. Cakes & Purls was a nice surprise-- it made me regret avoiding these things since I was a kid, had a strong almond flavor, and was dense but moist. My dining companion thought it was artificial tasting (almond extract or paste), but then again they're not a huge fan of almond.

    1. came in here on a warm day. surprised the temperature in the shop was in the 90's.

      tried the 5 layer cookie and chocolate chip/oatmeal/pretzel cookie.
      first was bland, 2nd was undistinguished flavorwise, just chocolate tasting. oatmeal and pretzel didn't add flavor....

      1. Went in yesterday intending to buy some cheesecake but they were all sold out of plain, probably because it was their last day before a ten-day vacation.

        1. The plain cheesecake is really good, best I've had in a long time. It's classic NY style, taller and not as dense as some (e.g. the old Just Desserts), great texture.

          1. Going out of business sale today, no cheesecake.