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2 lbs of Blue Cheese...

So my Parents just got a 2 lb wheel of Maytag blue cheese as part of a Christmas gift, and while I was amazed, recognizing how good a cheese this was, they were daunted. How on earth would they be able to eat 2lbs of blue cheese? They try to stay healthy, although my Dad loves blue cheese, so I assured them I could find a use for it.

Aside from the awesome idea of just eating it straight (which I'm fine with) does anyone know any blue cheese recipes that we could use this in, or just general ideas on how to use it? The package it came in says we can freeze it, but I'm not too crazy about that idea. Has anyone had any success with that? I'd love to know!

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  1. Here's a simple recipe for blue cheese and pasta, which is pretty good...


    1. I remember from the English next door neighbors back in the 6os... used to bring a big wheel of stilton to room temperature, gouge out the middle, fill with port and serve with water crackers.

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        Sorry, should have said that was when they were having a party.

      2. While I love both of the above ideas, my dad is looking for healthier ways to use it...is there such a thing? He rarely eats pasta, its too heavy for him. My step-mom is the same way. I love it on salad, but you couldn't possibly make enough walnut/blue cheese and pear salad to use 2 lbs of the stuff.

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        1. Not a recipe that's any healthier than the blue cheese pasta, but in case others are looking at this thread later for uses... this is an incredible recipe from Smitten Kitchen for blue cheese biscuits (I've never made a recipe of hers that I haven't loved) http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2010/0...

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            I'm with you on the awesomeness of Smitten Kitchen, I do believe that Santa is bringing me her cookbook in a few days. I did a blue cheese and potato tart of hers a few weeks ago, was amazingly beautiful, but as its basically cream + eggs + blue cheese + butter + flour + potatoes, my dad isn't too keen to try that one. =)

            Maybe those biscuits are doable, even if they aren't as healthy as he'd like I'd probably eat them all anyway.

          2. I've found it does freeze ok, but it also dessicates/freezer burns easily. however that makes it easier to crumble off bits for salads as needed. wow 2 (TWO?) pounds. the mind reels.

            bc and scallion muffins/pancakes?

            1. Well, not really healthy, but I would make a bleu cheese compound butter, form it into a log and freeze it. You can cut off what you need and top a steak (sorry, even less healthy) with it.

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                +1 it freezes perfectly like this and you only need a slice at a time so it's a reasonable indulgence. (since I don't see steak as unhealthy.)

                I bought blue cheese last night for the express purpose of making compound butter for Christmas night's prime rib.

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                  Great idea. The butter could be used on steamed vegetables- string beans or broccoli

                2. JACKPOT. I need those kinds of friends.

                  well wrapped it will keep in the fridge for months. I can't imagine a nicer gift.

                  crumbled with al dente roasted beets=dinner.

                  blue cheese dressing-- my ratio is about 4oz. cheese to an equal amount of whatever I am using as the base--yogurt, usually but mayo works, too. I puree about half in and then add the rest as crumbled. It keeps for at least a few weeks

                  1. Perfect with roasted brussel sprouts. Or spinach. Or radicchio.

                    My favourite blue cheese sauce consists of concentrated beef stock, a bit of creme fraiche and blue cheese. Leftovers can be smeared on toast.

                    1. It's great crumbled into a salad with with pears or other fruit.

                      1. One way to enjoy a Blue/Bleu cheese slice is with a drizzle of honey, a slice of fresh bread, a bit of fruit, and a little good red wine.

                        1. I like it crumbled on top of roasted potatoes. 1oz of blue cheese is only about 100 calories, and 1oz goes a long way.

                          I also think it would be good stuffed in a chicken breast. Could make panini with cubed/pulled chicken mixed with some buffalo-style sauce and add a bit of the blue cheese in with it. Could experiment and maybe mix it with some greek yogurt or sour cream to make a veggie dip. These are some ideas I would do, and I'm a healthy eater.

                          The salad was my other idea. Also, steak is not necessarily "unhealthy". I guess it all depends on what ones definition of healthy is.... a 16oz rib eye, not so much, but a 6oz filet? Not bad.

                          1. Just eat! Blue cheese and eggs. Blue cheese and crackers. Mac and blue cheese. Crumble over veggies and rice. Stuff some into chicken breasts with spinach. Make cheese sauce...
                            It is endless and fantastic! It will not last as long as you think. Have beer on hand for thirst issue.

                            1. My Father has sent me the 2lb wheel of Maytag for X-mas for the last four years now. At least now they are individually packaged. The wedges make great gifts when combined with a bottle of balsamic or wine.

                              I always end up freezing some of mine. The freezer does tend to dry out, so I have found the best way is to vacuum seal the wedges prior to freezing. They stay good this way for 6 months to a year.

                              On the rare occasion when I make hamburgers, I grind my own lean chuck with a little pork and bacon fat. I make two thin patties and then completely encase a nice slice of the blue cheese in between the patties and mold it around so that there is a gooey pocket of maytag hidden inside the burger patty! Top with grilled or caramelized onions. Not the healthiest I know, but every once in a while you need to splurge!

                              A little added to a BLT is pretty heavenly too!

                              Great in risottos too. Also love it with walnuts and honey and some good crackers.

                              The Maytag site itself is pretty scarce on recipes, but other blue cheese makers like Stilton have some delicious suggestions.


                              1. I do a couple of blue cheese based snacks to keep on hand in the freezer. They are great for pulling out and baking to serve with drinks now and then. One is in puff pastry and one is a pecan and blue cheese slice and bake cracker. Something like that would use up a portion of your cheese for future use.

                                1. The Barefoot Contessa has a number of good recipes with blue cheese in them, to varying degrees of healthiness. Here are a few:




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                                    The blue cheese and walnut crackers are terrific. VERY savory. People gobble them down.

                                  2. Time for them to have a party featuring the blue cheese. :-)

                                    1. Blue cheese and black pepper compound butter. Just mix some crumbled cheese with stick of softened unsalted butter and freshly ground pepper. Mold into a log, wrap well and freeze. Slice and use on grilled steak or chicken, in pasta or rice, etc.

                                      1. i always have a chunk of blue cheese in the fridge (though not 2 pounds). i store all my cheeses in glass jars; keeps them fresh for a least a couple of weeks.

                                        i use it in omlettes, with baby spinich.

                                        also,for snack, i bring some to room temp and spread on granny smith apple slices, then top with chopped pecans of hazelnuts.

                                        1. It was mentioned before, but my best thought was to regift wedges of cheese along with other food related items. That was your parents cholesterol will stay in check, the cheese won't be wasted, and you'll have very appreciative friends/family.

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                                            Yeah, but then I don't get to eat any...and cholesterol isn't a concern for me!

                                            These have all been great ideas so far, thank you all so much!

                                          2. just saw these lovely fig jam and blue cheese savouries -- perfect to take as a hostess gift, or to give as little treats to friends. http://chimeraobscura.com/mi/day-19-f...

                                            and do freeze some of the cheese proper. you'll be sad when it is all given away and you didn't save any.

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                                              Oooh, those look really good! And I'm not giving away any of it, haha.

                                            2. I love sliced beets w/ crumbled bleu cheese, chopped pecans or walnuts and drizzled with a nice balsamic. A favorite and regular side dish around here!

                                              1. This recipe was new to me this year, but I've made it for both Thanksgiving and a Christmas party. It's not going to use 2 lbs of Maytag, but it will use some.


                                                P.S. I did replace the onion with shallots, because shallots rock.

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                                                  jon, that reminds me of an upscale version of the quite tasty broccoli salad made with raisins, red onion and a mayo + vinegar dressing.


                                                  we also added spanish peanuts in our version. the salad had to chill in the fridge for the best flavor and texture.

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                                                    you forgot to mention the bacon. I use sunflower seeds in mine.

                                                2. Once again, these aren't necessarily healthy but....

                                                  I love a wedge of iceburg with blue cheese dressing, lots of black pepper and crumbled bacon.

                                                  Bacon jam on rye toasts with melted blue cheese. Great appetizer!

                                                  Mentioned before but I have to agree, with roasted beets and your favourite nuts with a drizzle of balsamic and olive oil.

                                                  In chopped salads.

                                                  Stuffed endive with a blue cheese/cream cheese mixture with hazelnuts, chives.

                                                  Warm, shredded brussel sprouts with hazelnuts and blue cheese.

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                                                    i love the stuffed endive. it is a very elegant -- and delicious -- party snack!

                                                  2. Crackers and cheese and fruit for a light dinner. Crumbled over roasted vegetables. VERY thick zucchini slices, hollowed out and filled with cheese, then baked, Home made blue cheese dressing.

                                                    As to healthy? eh!

                                                    1. Something I'm planning to make is a recipe for fig & olive tapenade to go with blue cheese on toasts. This was from a Point Reyes cheese facebook post:


                                                      1. now, i think the former veg is going to go buy MORE blue cheese. LOL

                                                        i thought i'd mention something that i haven't tried yet, but innately know it would be wunderbar to serve with blue cheese --->>> balsamic roasted grapes.

                                                        and…speaking of grapes…and blue cheese…and brussels sprouts…and roasting….wouldn't this roasted dish be great with some blue cheese crumbled on top to serve? http://www.wholeliving.com/150865/roa...