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Dec 18, 2012 10:17 PM

2 lbs of Blue Cheese...

So my Parents just got a 2 lb wheel of Maytag blue cheese as part of a Christmas gift, and while I was amazed, recognizing how good a cheese this was, they were daunted. How on earth would they be able to eat 2lbs of blue cheese? They try to stay healthy, although my Dad loves blue cheese, so I assured them I could find a use for it.

Aside from the awesome idea of just eating it straight (which I'm fine with) does anyone know any blue cheese recipes that we could use this in, or just general ideas on how to use it? The package it came in says we can freeze it, but I'm not too crazy about that idea. Has anyone had any success with that? I'd love to know!

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  1. Here's a simple recipe for blue cheese and pasta, which is pretty good...

    1. I remember from the English next door neighbors back in the 6os... used to bring a big wheel of stilton to room temperature, gouge out the middle, fill with port and serve with water crackers.

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        Sorry, should have said that was when they were having a party.

      2. While I love both of the above ideas, my dad is looking for healthier ways to use there such a thing? He rarely eats pasta, its too heavy for him. My step-mom is the same way. I love it on salad, but you couldn't possibly make enough walnut/blue cheese and pear salad to use 2 lbs of the stuff.

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        1. Not a recipe that's any healthier than the blue cheese pasta, but in case others are looking at this thread later for uses... this is an incredible recipe from Smitten Kitchen for blue cheese biscuits (I've never made a recipe of hers that I haven't loved)

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            I'm with you on the awesomeness of Smitten Kitchen, I do believe that Santa is bringing me her cookbook in a few days. I did a blue cheese and potato tart of hers a few weeks ago, was amazingly beautiful, but as its basically cream + eggs + blue cheese + butter + flour + potatoes, my dad isn't too keen to try that one. =)

            Maybe those biscuits are doable, even if they aren't as healthy as he'd like I'd probably eat them all anyway.

          2. I've found it does freeze ok, but it also dessicates/freezer burns easily. however that makes it easier to crumble off bits for salads as needed. wow 2 (TWO?) pounds. the mind reels.

            bc and scallion muffins/pancakes?