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Dec 18, 2012 09:20 PM

Steak in Sarasota

Looking for a good steak over the holidays in Sarasota, something suitable for a low key bachelor party.

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  1. Ruth's Chris??? Don't know what your budget is. The really good steak restaurants are all quite pricy. There is also Hyde Park (which I like) and Flemings which I am not wild about. Had a tenderloin at Flemings a few years ago and it was horrible.

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    1. re: Mother of four

      The best item at Flemings is the double pork chop. Its the only meat I ever get there................

    2. You could hire a Limo and ride up to Tampa for Bern's. : )

      1. I am hearing good things about the Hyde Park Steak House on Lemon Avenue in Sarasota. However, I have not been there myself yet.