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Dec 18, 2012 09:01 PM

Matching a cake recipe to a photo?

I would love to find out what type of cake this might be but I'm not willing to buy the cookbook (for a personal reason, not general cheapness as I buy lots and lots of cookbooks!).

I'm wondering if it's not just a chocolate cheesecake, or if it might be a cake with baked filling of some sort. Any ideas?

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  1. Is there some way you could see the cookbook and flip through it to find the recipe? If not...my best guess would have to be either a chocolate cheesecake or possibly a very beautiful flourless chocolate cake.

    1. Given that "Chokolade" isn't in English, this might be difficult -- but maybe you could check it out from a library and photocopy it?

      1. It looks like a glazed chocolate mousse cake with a chocolate genoise base.