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Dec 18, 2012 07:46 PM

Good Malaysian restaurant downtown on Ossington

The Hawker Bar on Ossington is a small place, 40 seats, that offers pretty good Malaysian fare at reasonable prices. Satay (chicken and pork) was good, chili sambal sting ray (skate) excellent (a favorite every time I am in a NY Malay restaurant), laksa noodle soup pretty good although it could be lighter. Did not try the rendang, a famous Malay beef curry. After the loss of quality of Matahari on Baldwin you have to go to Markham or Scarborough to find decent Malasian food - this is a welcome addition while we await the arrival of (over-hyped) Nick Lui. Chef at Hawker Bar trained in a top Thai restaurant in Melbourne, apparently.

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  1. good to know. For a first timer of Malaysian cuisine, what other choices of food should I try?

    1. Thanks for the recommendation. What are the Scarborough and Markham options?