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Dec 18, 2012 07:33 PM

Where in Toronto can I find a nut dispenser?

My dad has finally decided that 14 grandchildren sticking their hands in his bowls/jars of nuts is icky. (He's very tolerant for putting up with it this long!) He doesn't have a specific idea of what a nut dispenser should look like, and I haven't a clue where to find one! He usually has cashews and almonds, if size makes a difference. Any suggestions where I could find something in Toronto or online?
Thanks in advance for any help!

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  1. there is an antique store on queen west near roncesvalles that has an old school beaver gumball/candy/nut can have the grandkids pay you a nickel each time they want some nuts....the machine was (ahem) $125 mind you. that is 2,500 nickels to pay the thing off...

    1. I puchased this one at All The Best Fine Foods @ Summerhill but it's also available online here:

      1. And they're selling the same thing at the AGO gift shop:

        My sister and I are getting one for our mom for Christmas. She has similar issues!

          1. I love you all. Simple as that. You have come to my rescue. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll probably search for something like the Zevro Space Saver, if I can find one in store. It looks like it'd be fun for the kids and less breakable than the glass ones.

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              I think that Zevro is the best option. Those glass flasks that you were kindly referred to seem like they are an accident waiting to happen as the little ones (if the grandkids are little) would have to pick them up and tilt them over. I can see them being dropped and cause a hazard as they appear to be made of glass. They seem more of an adult nut 'dispenser'. The Zevro doesn't introduce any such risks and they'll be more familiar with it as it looks just like the commerical candy machines we see in stores.