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Dec 18, 2012 07:07 PM

Rhubarb in Winter?

It is December and I need rhubarb. Go figure. I don't think it's in season anywhere in the world, but have you seen frozen rhubarb around? Do they have it in cans?

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  1. Rachelle-Bery health food stores have frozen rhubarb (Stahlbush Island Farms in a brown bag).

    1. Used to be that grocery stores carried frozen rhubarb, but it is now very hard to find so the reference given is definitely a very good aid. If you can find someone with a rhubarb patch you could freeze some next summer or purchase at outdoor markets. I have some in my freezer and use it to make crumbles.

      1. A bit late to the party- but Aubut has bags of frozen rhubarb.