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Dec 18, 2012 06:07 PM

What's the wait like at Joe T's on a Friday night?

We haven't been to Joe T. Garcia's in the Ft. Worth stockyard area in a long, long time. We're thinking about taking family from out of town there for dinner on Friday night. Wondering if there's still a really long wait to get in? I'd hate to take folks (with kiddos) there and then get stuck in an hour-long wait. Has anyone been recently who can comment? Thanks!

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  1. An hour is possible. We've not been on a prime night in since this Spring, though. Got right in on a Sunday last month, but I know that's no help.

    We've found that if you're flexible on being inside or outside, then the wait can be shorter. They have heaters on the patio now.

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      Thanks, Sarah! Good to know about the heaters on the patio.