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Dec 18, 2012 05:46 PM

New Tasty Burger in Harvard Sq

I'm thrilled that they've arrived, since I'm a Cambridge resident. I sympathize for the people working at 2:15am on the weekends when the throngs of drunk undergrads are knocking down the doors. Pre emptive hats off to you.

They haven't initiated the specials yet, as I was politely informed today. It seems they have changed the recipe for the veggie burger, which is disappointing! At Fenway it's spicy, and I sheepishly don't know what the texture consisted of and I always scarfing it down so quickly out of joy that I never bothered to ask and my limited knowledge of vegetarian protein could'nt identify it. and at Harvard the spice seems to have gone, it's bland to be honest and bean based. I can't speak to the non veggie burger at this point. I really hope the Fenway veggie burger has stayed the same.

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