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Oct 29, 2005 02:00 AM

Malaysian food hunt

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Been in San Diego ~3 years but never came across a Malaysian food place. Did I miss something ? Any suggestions for the nearest Malaysian restaurant relative to San Diego ?

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  1. James - The only place that I know of that comes close - I haven't had a chance to get there yet, is called Bali Thai Cafe. I had thought that some of the dishes like Nasi Goreng and Mie Goreng were Indonesian. I sent someone pretty knowledgable the URL and he looked over the menu, and said:
    "I can't really say if any of these others are Indonesian dishes or not. BTW...some of these could actually be Malaysian as well."

    He also noted that the prices seemed rather high. So check out the online menu, and let us know.

    Bali Thai Cafe
    SAN DIEGO, CA 92108
    PHONE: 619.297.0800


    1. there used to be an indonesian restaurant that had rendang, nasi padang, tahu goreng, mee goreng and other assorted things SEA in the strip mall with spicy city. but alas it closed down. the only one i can think of in san diego is what kirk mentioned, which is bali thai. i haven't tried that place so i cannot attest if it tastes authentic or not. the menu looks more thai than indonesian.

      there is a malaysian restaurant 'belachan' (opened by a guy from penang) in rodondo beach? i believe in LA/OC area. the menu looks more malaysian/singaporean than indonesian, with the cuttlefish/kangkong/belachan (jiu hu kang kong), satay and ketupat, and the usual curries and nasi lemak/padang etc.

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        The restaurant in Redondo Beach, CA is the 'Belacan Grill'...


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            Balacan is the BEST Malaysian Restaurant I've tried in the U.S.

            I just checked the menu for Overseas Chinese food in Carlsbad. It only has chinese dishes. Maybe they have a new menu?

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              Then you need to go to Melay Satey Hut, 2 locations in Seattle WA. And the BEST on this continent is Banana LEaf in Vancouver BC. This is not a chain although I know of at least 1 other BL in Houston. But the Vancouver BC has to be the gourmet variety--Black Cod to melt in your mouth.
              Melay Satey Hut in Seattle and Banana Leav in Vancouver BC have set THE standard.
              Glad to update this, but sad that I couldn't find other listings in the west.

        1. Yes, It's called Overseas Chinese food in Carlsbad. They are Malaysian and serve hot and spicy malaysian food.

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            What have you eaten there that you recommend?

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              for those who have gone to Overseas, I would also like to know what you guys recommend