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Dec 18, 2012 04:33 PM

staple restaurants young and sheppard area?

just moved to yonge and sheppard area from yonge and st clair where we were a quick drive or walk from some amazing places. There are so many places up yonge all the way to, and past finch but I don't know were to start. Anyone have any 'its always hits the spot' type places? I want to say yes when people ask me if i have discovered any gems in my new neighbourhood

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  1. Everything on this list is asian.

    I actually don't really like anything at Yonge/Sheppard except that its a short drive anywhere. For things a bit closer than farther, I like Song Cook's (korean) at Yonge/Steeles. Its worth driving past the stuff at Yonge/finch. Its pretty much behind galleria supermarket (which is worth visiting if you haven't been). Get the jajamyun.

    Also some pretty decent cantonese at Sun Star on Finch, west of leslie. At Finch/Leslie there is an asian mall with a few decent options including sichuan, congee wong.

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      thanks! yeah seems to be mostly asian up here which I don't mind just want some good food

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        Mezza Notte is decent. I like Mot Na Son for Korean. I haven't been in years, but I used to find the Mr Greek and Friendly Greek to be decent options for the neighbourhood. Ichiban Fish House on Spring Garden has decent sushi. Stoney's had ok pub food. Honey Bear on Sheppard E has a Hungarian hot table.
        If you don't mind heading south to Lawrence, I like Milagro, Trio, Gamberoni, ViVetha and the Abbot. There are better options on Yonge between Lawrence and Yonge Blvd than on Yonge near Sheppard.

        1. re: Sarah1218

          No problem. There are lots of asian places to choose from, but I think those ones I mentioned are the best in the area. Also useful to know is that Congee Wong will deliver to you!

          Here is an old thread about sun star.

          Also further up north there are many persian restaurants. I randomly tried a couple and didn't really like the food, so didn't explore further, but hopefully someone else can point out some gems!

          Oh there is also a good dumpling place south of finch....

        2. re: szw

          Agree completely. Yonge/Sheppard is a vast wasteland, food-wise. There isn't a decent restaurant in the area. If you don't want Korean or Persian, your choices are very limited, too. Chez Laurent is probably the best bet, and it's no better than C+.

        3. This post is still pretty up to date and has some good tips:

          1. Oh, something I failed to mention in the previous post:
            Not a restaurant, but check out the PAT on Spring Garden for groceries. You can save a fortune shopping there instead of the horribly over priced Loblaws at North York Center.

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              And if you want to drive, Tone Tai, a Chinese supermarket at Peanut Plaza on Don Mills is really good and cheap. IT was my main grocery store when I lived in the area. Produce there is so cheap....even much cheaper than PAT.

              1. re: szw

                I went to congee wong! thanks for the rec. cant say what exactly we got but some dumplings, noodles and congee it was all good. No dynasty as far as atmosphere and cleanliness goes but the food hit the spot

                1. re: Sarah1218

                  Glad you enjoyed it! This type of food is real comfort food to me, and I would guess most others who are dining there. Most things are decent, noodles, fried rice, various other stir fried or fried items. Good sized portions of everything.

                  One thing I love is the singapore turnip cake...always have to get that!

                  1. re: Sarah1218

                    I used to love congee wong (at Leslie & Finch), but feel that their quality has declined in recent years. As a replacement, we now get takeout from Congee Time - it's just north of Finch on Yonge. Same mall as Canada Computers.

              2. The Korean restaurant next to Pizza Pizza is very good for Stew beef ribs and korean soups.

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