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Dec 18, 2012 04:17 PM

Beet Salad....Dressing?

I have just started to discover a love of beets, but have very little experience working with them. Tonight I am making a salad, Just a chop salad with lots of vegi's (celery, carrot, Bok choy white parts, Zucchini, spring onion, leaf lettuce) I decided to roast off some beets to add with some feta. But I am stumped as to what to do for the dressing. I have a few premade bottles, but also have a wide variety of vinegars, lemon juice, herbs and spices. Any suggestions are welcome. Also....Have a love of Kalamatas....Think they would go? Thanks in advance from the beet newbie.

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  1. IMO beets need acid. Either a citrus vinagrette--orange maybe--or creamy based on the feta but with enough bite to perk everything up. Or, if you grate the feta over everything you would probably be happy with just good olive oil and a squeeze of lemon plus salt and pepper.
    Honestly, you've got kind of a weird combination of ingredients going but I'm an equal opportunity salad eater, so no complaints from me.

    1. I like fresh lime juice on beet salad.

      1. Try some mint.( in Vinaigrette).

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            I second this, simple and delicious

            oops - this was supposed to be a reply to 'lemon juice and walnut oil', but I will add feta cheese puts this combo over the top

          2. Sliced beets, cucumber, onion and lettuce and a runny Bleu dressing is my favorite salad.

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              Yep, go with a vinaigrette. Or, like the others said, simple lemon juice & olive oil, S&P work.

              Here's another salad to try with roasted beets. Some arugula, beets & shaved Parmesan cheese w/ a vinaigrette. Sooooo good.