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Dec 18, 2012 04:15 PM

Parker House versus Top of the Hub

I know, I know. Neither are Houndish choices. However, Auntie Swank is up from Westchester next week and wants to dine someplace "classic" (read: boring) and "stately" (read: either Parker House or Top of the Hub).
Which would you choose, and why? And if you can think of another proper restaurant where an old broad might feel at home, by all means, let me know. Sad that Locke-Ober is not an option any longer.

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  1. Parker House. You can hardly get more classic now that Locke-Ober is gone. I think the feel at Top of the Hub is less "stately" -- it feels more casual to me, and the food is secondary to the view. What about L'Espalier?

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      I'm with Parker House too. Dark wood, a large quiet room (the better to hear you with, my dear) with space in between in case Auntie Swank is a loud talker due to hearing loss, quietly obsequious staff accustomed to Aunties, and a couple of famous dishes (the rolls and the pie) invented there, which should provide conversation fodder if necessary.

      For you: If it's lunch, I've had the turkey club and french onion soup a couple of times and they were OK.

    2. I would say neither place, unless she is totally undiscriminating about food. Take her to No. 9 Park instead. I think she would be charmed with the ambiance, the service and the good classy grub. And it's been around for so long that it could be considered "classic". Think of it as Locke-Ă–ber style but tasty.

      1. the parker house serves food? jeebus. toth has a classic view, but isn't a fancy-schmancy kinda room. maybe bring auntie for a tipple there to see the skyline?

        grill 23 really swanks itself up for the holiday season with beaucoup lights and greenery.

        ruth's chris (while hardly excellent or exotic) is in an utterly gorgeous space.

        as for no 9, mentioned below, that space has always left me just cold.

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          It did when I stayed there a while back. That when I had a danish pastry (or maybe it was a cinnamon roll) for the first time in my life. This was in 1973, for reference.

        2. how about the Cafe at the Taj? we enjoyed ourselves recently.

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          1. re: mikeinboston

            I used to a fan of old ritz cafe. Even before the hotel changed over to the taj, the cafe lost its appeal or ability to produce good food.
            Go with the the Parker House and make your aunt happy

          2. Hamersleys. Based upon my visits, there are many older patrons who like it as much as I do.

            The Top of the Hub is neither classic nor stately--it is just abysmal.

            I think of the Parker House as a better place for a drink than for serious dining. If you do go, be sure to have some rolls and Boston cream pie.