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Dec 18, 2012 03:35 PM

restaurant near 16th and Q?

I looking for a good restauant near 16th and Q Streets in Washington. Any ideas?

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  1. How about Pearl Dive at 14th and Q? Great seafood, esp. oysters. There are many good restaurants on 14th at or near Q St.

    Estadio is another that leaps to mind (Spanish tapas).

    1. Hank's Oyster Bar is at 16th and Q and is great for casual seafood and cocktails (I like their sable fish and lobster roll).

      A few blocks away you can find lots of great restaurants on 14th Street. I would recommend Estadio, Cork, or Rice.

      1. Second all of these-Hanks is terrific and they recently expanded (my concept of recent is long, so it was probably a year ago now). Estradiol is terrific for fun decisions tapas. Sitting at the bar is a great option there. At 14th and Church is one of my favorite spots, Posto. Italian food, a lot of wines by the glass and a big enough menu that you can easily got salad and pizza and keep it more afforable or have a more lengthy multi course meal that feels more formal.

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            Well Komi definitely wins! That's the best meal I have had in DC. For something different (cheaper) the chef has another restaurant 2 doors down int he basement called Little Serow. Thai tasting menu $45/ea. It's very good, not like anything I have had in the area before. No sign on the door, next to a dry cleaner.

            1. re: jinksdc

              I love Komi too, but it's very high end and also difficult to score a reservation.

              Little Serow is fantastic too. No reservations taken - you need to line up about 5:00. It is cooking from Northern Thailand; they bring you what is on offer that day - no substitutions permitted. It is delicious, but you need to really like spicy food to enjoy it. They have a nice beer list too; I think beer goes much better with this kind of food than wine does.

              1. re: woodleyparkhound

                I've never had a problem getting a reservation at Komi.

                Amex concierge has come through every single time.