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Dec 18, 2012 03:34 PM

London - Need 4 Dinner Recs

We will be traveling to London in Feb. to visit our college age daughter who will be studying there. We will be staying in the West End, but willing to travel. We'd like recommendations for 4 dinners - each a different experience, including one that would be good for pre-theatre. Thank you in advance.

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  1. Have you spent any time reviewing the many threads regarding dining in London that are already here? You will find dozens and dozens of helpful suggestions available to you.

    To repeat a suggestion I made on another thread just yesterday, J. Sheekey for high-end seafood and Geat Queen Street for a more casual, moderately-priced meal.

    Here is the thread:

    1. I like Deux Salons. It's a lovely restaurant with good food. There is a pre-fixe, pre-theatre menu, but we seem to always order a la carte. There are so many choices near the theatres... the others mentioned above or somewhere in Covent Garden.. for example, Opera Tavern. Do look through the threads here and use the search engine, too.

      1. Ledbury
        Moti Mahal
        But the OP will get a better idea of what's good by reading likely threads rather than taking my recommendations.

        1. As you all suggested, I have spent some time searching the Board and have narrowed our list. Am thinking of the following:
          First Night - Great Queen Street
          Lunch one day - Bull & Last
          Pre-Theatre - Les Deux Salons
          Last Night - Oxo Brasserie

          J Sheeky is filled our entire trip, unfortunately.
          What about Cotidie? Thoughts?
          Or another higher end suggestion?
          thank you-

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            Bistrot Bruno Loubet - worth any travel time. I've read some negatives about Great Queen St. lately and always remember that they brought me very, very rare lamb and would not cook it a bit longer for me.

            1. re: jmk38

              I wasn't that impressed with Les Deux Salons and there have been a couple of recent posts suggesting the quality may have slipped lately.

              I always go to Terroirs for pre theatre (usually at the bar, but have managed to get a table without booking at 6pm), and like it very much.


              1. re: jmk38

                Just a personal view but the four places you've got there are quite similar in style (within the range of London).

                Have you considered Duck and Waffle over the Oxo Brasserie for views?

                It would be interesting perhaps to try Indian food - there are many great examples.

                For pre-theatre I do like Les Deux Salons but perhaps look at Terroirs, the Opera Tavern or Gauthier for alternative cuisines to mix and match your trip a little.

              2. Great suggestions - thank you very much!