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Dec 18, 2012 03:27 PM

Staff Dinner at Bacaro Wed Night

It looks like our staff group of 6 may be going to Bacaro tomorrow night instead of to Beauty & Essex. I've read about a "brick-lined basement grotto". I think we are seated in the main room.
Any tips on food, seating, or anything else there?
Thanks and Happy Holidays to all.

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  1. I definitely prefer the intimate ambiance of the brick cellar over the open plan ground floor, but the tight seating may be perhaps a little too intimate for work colleagues, depending on what your office culture is like. As far as the food goes, I've genuinely enjoyed everything I've had there.

    1. ive only been there once...about 3-4 years ago. i remember enjoying a mushroom lasagna dish.

      i keep forgetting to go back. it was a nice spot.