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Dec 18, 2012 03:25 PM

Garden State Diner (EWR - Terminal C)

If you are ever at Newark, flying UA out of Terminal C, I highly recommend getting a burger at Garden State Diner. It's right past security as you walk towards your gates.

It is probably in my Top 50 burgers of all time, and easily in my Top 5 Airport Burgers of all time.

I got the NJ Turnpike Burger, which comes with onions, bacon and cheese, which I asked them to hold.

The beef is a good solid 8 oz., charred nicely on the outside and cooked medium rare as requested (shocker, I know). And while the bun was a bit squishy it was substantial enough to hold up the heft and juices from the beef and onions. Surprisingly, the beef was well-seasoned too, as the burger really didn't need much in the way of ketchup, mustard, etc. I probably should've asked, but I wouldn't be entirely shocked if the patty was actually hand-formed.

And, full disclosure, the waitress was kind enough to "upgrade" my fries to an order of Elvis Fries, which are basically fries covered with chili and cheese. I didn't really get into these, as I figured a half pound of beef was more than enough to get me through my flight ...

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  1. i like the crab cake eggs benedict...soothing. i'll try the burger when i'm in on lunch...

    1. Good to know about the burgers, the Garden State Diner is my favorite place in the airport for breakfast.

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      1. re: tom246

        Yeah, no kidding.

        I've been there for breakfast quite a few times, and each time I leave thinking, "God dam, that might've been the best breakfast I've ever had."

        And then I think to myself it must be because I'm there at ERW around 4:30 am. (and got up at 3 am) to catch an early flight back to the west coast and I'm famished by the time I make it through the TSA screeners.

        Good to know I'm not the only one who digs their basic plate of eggs, home fries and ham ... It's like they put crack in those eggs.

      2. I ate there a while back and liked it a lot. I forget what I had but I recall it was good.

        1. Considering your cred, that burger sounds good. Do they serve "adult beverages"? A must for me before a red eye to Frankfurt.

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          1. re: c oliver

            They do indeed. Beer, wine and cocktails. Never partaken, as I save my "adult beverage" consumption for my in-flight entertainment.

            1. re: ipsedixit

              I do before and during plus an Ambien :) for a ten hour flight!

          2. But it's beyond Security? What if you are meeting an incoming passenger and not boarding a flight?

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