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Dec 18, 2012 03:15 PM

August 2013 Openings and Closings

What, too soon?

Thought this item was noteworthy for two reasons, both self-evident: Bondir is opening a 90-to-100-seat restaurant in Concord. Per Eater Boston, it's shooting for the titular month.

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  1. Great news for Concord, but it makes me nervous for the original which is far and away my favorite restaurant of the past year.

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      Now the Metro'Westers can no longer complain that "no good food" exists in the suburbs! Jason Bond is a fine fellow and I wish him well; I hope his suburban foray marks the beginning of a trend of top chefs opening outposts along Rte 2, as there is really nothing worth swallowing out there, save one's pride after too many egg rolls at Chang An.

    2. Ha ha. For a minute I thought this said August 2012 openings and closings.

      This is really exciting news, by the way.

      1. Tatte Bakery and Cafe is opening another location at 205 Broadway in Cambridge.

        Also while I do not have an address quite yet, a Trini restaurant named "D Coal Pot" is set to open in Hyde Park. What I am hearing is that it is not just another Roti spot, but rather a full fledged Trinidadian restaurant that spans beyond the regular Roti, Doubles, etc....

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              Is that the corner across from the convenience store? Thx

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            I was out in Hyde Park for the first time in ages and noticed a Dominican restaurant (I think) in the space that used to be a non-descript bar on Hyde Park Ave. It's a pretty good sized space so not sure it will last since those places seem to come and go frequently. Also there's a burger place called Zaz or Zoz on River St. that I'd never heard about. Cute and clean. And we tried Fairmount Grill which took the place of Townsends and had a pleasant time. The food was all decent (nothing mind blowing) but well priced and the cocktails were actually very good and very well priced ($9) for interesting combos.

            1. re: Matt H

              I was listening to the West Indian radio station this morning and it seems like "D Coal Pot" is open. Based on the ad this could be a really interesting place. True Trini Style take out place serving dishes that are extremely hard to find outside of someones home cooking on a regular basis. Few of the items advertised:

              - Shark n Bake
              - Crab and Dumpling
              - Callaloo
              - Aloo Pie
              - Saheena
              - Macaroni Pie
              - Curry Mango

              Also the usual's like Roti, Doubles and Palourie.

              I will be trying it out soon and reporting back, but even in cities with large Trini populations it is difficult to find a place that steps out of the typical Roti and Doubles box, so this could be exciting.

            2. The Boston Globe reports that the secondary Bondir will open in October. Very exciting.

              1. the Globe reports that Anthony's Pier 4 will close in August.

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                1. re: enhF94

                  I gave it a Devil's Dining Award in 2011:

                  "Manny Ramirez Award for Least Likely Future Comeback: to Anthony’s Pier 4, the Waterfront institution that was Boston’s It Place in 1976, but 35 years later has still not gotten the memo that the restaurant world has moved on. Slated for demolition to make way for another glitzy Seaport redevelopment project, it promises to relocate nearby. With its fly-in-amber menu, welter of fresh new Waterfront competitors, and longstanding troubles with the tax man, we’re thinking that ain’t happening."

                  (But I was wrong about Manny.)


                  1. re: enhF94

                    yesterday was their last day. i want to know who gets the "buoys" and "gulls" signs from the restroom doors?