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Dec 18, 2012 02:39 PM

Lunch halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego

I live in Los Angeles and want to meet for lunch a cousin visiting San Diego. Does anyone have any suggestions for a nice lunch spot more or less halfway (San Clemente? San Juan Capistrano?). It should be close to the I-5 expressway, and it should be comfortable to sit and talk. It needn't be fancy. Any kind of food would be fine, but it would be nice if the food was something better than the usual chain restaurant fare. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    1. Ramos House Cafe in San Juan Capistrano, near the train station.

      If you like creative alcoholic beverages, get the Bloody Mary:

      1. Old Vine Cafe at The CAMP in Costa Mesa is pretty good. The area as a whole is neat as well. Convenient from the freeway, but probably closer to LA.

        1. Cafe Mimosa or St. Roys at Vine, both in San Clemente. Cafe Mimosa is a bit quieter for conversation...

          1. One more idea....... in Dana Point Harbor:

            There are also possibly a dozen good spots in Laguna Beach and the Newport Beach area. Farther off the freeway, but lots of good choices.