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Dec 18, 2012 02:26 PM

What's open and foodie good in Rome Dec 28-31?

Hi there,

First of all, thank you to all the intelligent and honest reviewers here on Chowhound. I have lurked for years and benefited a great deal from your recommendations, particularly when traveling to NYC.

My husband and I are headed to Rome from Dec 28-31. I already started some research and took Elizabeth Minchilli's reco to try Trattoria da Danilo, however they are closed this week.

I am now getting worried that I'll be without any life-changing foodie experiences, but I was under the impression the city was still open and busy at this time?

Any recos are extremely welcome. Budget is wide open and the only consideration is my husband is a vegetarian - which I don't think will be a problem at most places. All I care about is eating beautiful food.

Thanks in advance, and I'll be sure to report back and actually contribute to this delicious community!


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    1. re: minchilli

      Thank you for your help! Will report back when we return. :)

    2. In general the city is open and active at this time though there may be a few restaurants on holiday.
      New Years Eve - if you will still be there that evening - is the only dicy time when many places are closed or only offering special menus.

      I would just encourage you to try the places that otherwise interest you for reservations.