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Best Fondue: Swiss Chef, Edelweiss, Monsieur Marcel, Morel's?

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Besides making it at home... where is the best place to get Swiss Fondue?

I know Melting Pot does not get good reviews here... what about places like Swiss Chef, Chalet Edelweiss...

Thanks for your help!

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    1. I don't know if they serve fondue, but their raclette is highly praised - call and ask.

      Basilic Restaurant on Balboa Island in Newport Beach


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        Thanks, Gypsy Jan!

      2. I do not believe Monsieur Marcel does fondue, but even if they do it wont be worth the terrible, verging on abusive, sevice. Just an awful place.

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          EarlyBird: Yikes! Sorry to hear that...

        2. I've been to Morels and Melting Pot, Morels definitely better but neither one blew me away.

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            Thanks, NS1!