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Dec 18, 2012 01:58 PM

Fino Wine & Tapas in Bayside

My wife and I went to Fino Wine & Tapas in Bayside this past weekend to celebrate a friend's birthday. Its her favorite place and she follows the owner's food blog.

Everything about the place was fantastic -from the food to the service. We tried many of the items on the menu and got three bottles of wine. The quality of the ingredients was noticeably good (and fresh). It was all prepared expertly too. The crab cakes were almost all crab with just a bit of breading. The piquilo peppers on them made it my favorite dish. The shortrib bruschetta was delish! The paella was perfectly executed. They even prepared it w/o chorizo for us as my wife doesn't eat pork. The cheese course was a very nice mix. The manager who served us picked really great Spanish and French wines that paired just perfectly with our dinner.

We talked to the owners briefly. Their passion for food just comes through clearly.

I almost never go to Queens restaurants, even though I'm well aware of some of the amazing things found there. I tend to stick to the good food of Brooklyn and the city. I have a new favorite Italian restaurant now (Noodle Pudding has fallen to 2nd place).

39-13 BELL BLVD. BAYSIDE, NY 11361
T. 718.229.1330

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