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Dec 18, 2012 01:50 PM

Unique foodie experiences in Sydney

Hello everyone,

I am going to Australia for the first time and Sydney will be my last stop. Can anyone recommend any UNIQUE food experiences in Sydney? Unusual food shops, restaurants, tours, food producers, bars, etc.? I want something out of the ordinary (perhaps even "underground.") Any advice highly appreciated!

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  1. Perhaps you could provide a little more of a clue about what constitutes "unique" for you? If you check some of the previous Sydney threads, you'll find suggestions for places like the Fish Market, the food halls at David Jones department store, the Viktor Churchill butcher in Woollahra, Bourke St. Bakery in Surry Hills.

    Some restaurant recommendations I usually make to visitors that represent the good stuff Sydney has to offer are:

    Malay chinese for laksa
    Mamak for Malaysian roti
    Gumshara Ramen in the Dixon St Eating World food court
    Menya Oiden, fast food style udon
    Madang or Seoul Ria for Korean
    Spice I Am or House for Thai
    Maya Sweets for S. Indian dosas and thalis
    Mohr Fish for seafood
    Porteno is more "unusual" argentinian restaurant (not the usual churrasco-type joint).

    You might also want to check out the blog:
    Helen covers all manner of Sydney food experiences.

    1. Fortune of War is the oldest pub in Sydney and its great to have a pint or two.
      Lord Nelson's pub and brewery in the Rocks is one of my faves...unique and good pub food.

      1. May be a bit touristy, but I'd recommend any first-timers to Sydney to try Harry's Cafe de Wheels:

        1. I second Mamak, Spice I Am (best massamun curry EVER), and Gumshara, though I am also a huge fan of Ichiban-Boshi on the top floor of the Galeries building in the CBD. They also do ramen and it is absolutely amazing.

          If you'll be in during a weekend, Glebe Markets has some unique food stalls and also some cool flea-market type shops.

          I have also had a really awesome breakfast experience at a place called The Book Kitchen. It's in Surry Hills, and is quite a remarkable space with freaking delicious food.

          1. Kylie Kwong is a very well known chef in Sydney...her restuarant is called Billy Kwongs in Surry Hills...modern , fancy Chinese...but recently so I hear she has been mixing traditional Australian bush herbs and veges into her cuisine..making a new fusion that is apparently really good.