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Dec 18, 2012 12:42 PM

Fresh Roasted Green Chili - Anywhere in the Triangle?

We recently relocated from the Phoenix, AZ area where I could easily buy fresh roasted green chili's at many Hispanic markets. Anaheim's were available almost always, and poblano's and jalapeno's frequently showed up.

We could by them by the pound, take them home, skin them, and freeze them. Yum!

Now we've relocated to Raleigh/Durham and I've been unable to find a source for any of these. I can find poblano's fresh, but not roasted. And I haven't seen Anaheim chili's anywhere.

Can anybody help?

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  1. In season, Peregrine Farm (correct me if I'm wrong on that) at the Carrboro farmer's market brings a roaster. You buy your peppers and they roast them on request while you wait/shop.

    1. When I lived in AZ, they'd roast those peppers in the fall, when they came ripe. In October the air smelled like those peppers all the time. Growing season here is over. And you won't see ristras, since the humidity here makes them moldy. Ask me how I know.

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        In the fall, I found Hatch chiles in my local Harris Teeter in Chapel Hill. I believe brokegradstudent is correct with Peregrin Farms. Regardless, the sound of their roaster and smell of the roasting peppers are hard to miss. We love those peppers!

      2. The original comment has been removed