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Dec 18, 2012 12:36 PM

Apron for small kid - not girly

I'd like to give some nice aprons to my great-niece and great-nephew. Both like to help their grandma around the kitchen. The thing is, I need to find a nice one for the boy that is not obviously for a girl. So I'm seeking recommendations for a quality apron, sized for a 3 year old, with a unisex look, from a reliable online seller. Surely a fellow chowhound will have a recommendation!

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  1. Williams-Sonoma has a huge selection of children's aprons- plain, personalized, NFL teams, all sorts of fabrics.

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      I got my son a black kid's Star Wars apron there last year, which he loved.

    2. I've probably bought a dozen of these over the years -- the last one for my own kiddo in a dark-blue denim:

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        I've been happy with the price and selection at Michaels.
        It is easy to customize the plain aprons too!

        I was catering a smallish 50th anniversary reception several years ago. They asked if their grand-daughter (9) could assist the day of since she was excited and loved working with food. I had met her and said it would be fine.

        I picked up an apron at Michael's and had the date and a heart embroidered on it. She was so proud of having her own apron for the day! She was a hard worker too!

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          I decorated every one of the aprons I bought over the years -- names, special "things" that they liked. Quick little project, and most of the kids still have their aprons, even though they can't wear them any more.

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            We always decorated the aprons in the kid's cooking classes I used to teach. It was a hit! Having their own apron and cookbook (we made those too) seemed to make them feel quite professional!

      2. Second WS and their sister store PBK.

        1. Hobbert and FoodieX2, the WS aprons were perfect. Found his favorite color (yellow) with his favorite NFL team logo on it (Packers). I never imagined I would find something like this sized for a kid.

          Thanks so much!!!

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            this is when we need a "like" button!

            What a "great" aunt you are, lol!