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Dec 18, 2012 12:30 PM

Bangkok - Convent Road

I have a note to myself that says "go to Convent Rd for vendors/great street food. Tuesday thru Friday." Tues-Fri? Really? Any reaction/info anyone has greatly appreciated, thanks.

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  1. Mondays have been selected as the day that the actual law prohibiting street vendors is actually enforced. The rest of the week, a "fine" is paid to proceed, business s usual.

    Noon to 1 pm is a bad time to visit. The area is packed with office workers, in a hurry to grab lunch. Hit the area just outside this window

    1. Went down Convent Road, about 10:30 this Monday morning. It appears that they are no longer enforcing the street vending ban; many carts were setting up shop.

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        I was on Convent Sunday, Monday, Tuesday during the afternoon and evening. Lots and lots of carts. Especially on Monday.