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Dec 18, 2012 12:25 PM

Grocery / supermarket that carries masarepa?

I am looking to buy some masarepa (the precooked masa cornmeal used for arepas and other items in countries like Columbia). This is different from Mexican masa flour. I've looked in a few Latin groceries in the LA area, and I haven't found any.

Can anyone suggest a specific store (name and location, please)? West Hollywood and eastward through the San Gabriel Valley or in the San Fernando Valley is preferred, but I'm open to anywhere in the LA area. Thanks!

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  1. super king. (call first--haven't looked in a while, but have bought it there before).

    1. El Carriel Bakery in Huntington Park has everything you need for real Columbian Arepas (they also make some delicious ones! :))