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Jacks Gourmet- Facon

I saw this while shopping today. Anyone tried it? Was considering purchasing it, but I can't think of eating meat for breakfast.

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  1. So just put it on a burger.

    1. I bought some, and I enjoyed it. My wife who is BT said "It's not bacon." She also stated she liked Beef Fry better.

      I enjoyed it because I thought it stayed meatier than the A&B's Beef Fry which gets so crispy it falls apart when you pick it up.

      All in all I would buy it again, but not share it with anyone.

      1. You've never taken left-over brisket or corned beef and made corned beef hash with an egg on top? It's a perfect non-matza option on Pesach.

        1. I have used it to make a kosher Quiche Lorraine to serve at brunch or during the 9 days for dinner with a salad.
          I have also fried it up in a pan, drained and crumbled it and added to salads.

          Great for FLT sandwiches as well.

          I on the other hand, love a fleishige breakfast, my favorite is salami and eggs pancake style...and I drink my coffee black <VBG>

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          1. re: bagelman01

            Why during the 9 days specifically? That's when most kosher-keepers avoid meat.

            1. re: queenscook

              Shabbos during the 9 days...it's our custom to have items flavored with meat as opposed to meat being the main ingredient

              1. re: bagelman01

                OK, got it. I think I would prefer to use Morningstar strips and make that milchig. :-)

                1. re: DeisCane

                  but we always have meat to honor shabbos (unless it's a fast), but minimize it during the 9 days

            2. re: bagelman01

              You used beef during the 9 days, in a Quiche?

            3. Try warming Turkey pastrami in a microwave for a few minutes until it crisps up. Better than bacon.

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              1. re: skipper

                Is there readily available kosher turkey pastrami? What's the brand?

                1. re: skipper

                  Are you referring to the turkey pastrami (I guess it's Empire, or whatever) that I buy as a sliced luncheon meat at the deli counter?

                2. had some at kosherfest - loved it. gonna use it crisped and crumbled on smashed potatoes, stuffings and dressings, mock-dirty rice, mixed with maple syrup for an interesting topping to a noodle kugel - the possibilities are endless! Planning on having it as a burger topping as well.

                  1. Thanks for the ideas. Maybe I'll buy some and try it on a burger. Once opened, does it keep in the fridge?

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                    1. re: cheesecake17

                      It has a long shelf life. The product is basically a fancy version of naval pastrami. It is the belly cut, the same lehavdil, that bacon would be made from. Just like pastrami, it is brined, peppered and smoked. A little more crispy then beef fry, but the uses are endless. Pan or deep fried it makes a great bacon for sandwiches, soup or salad toppings. I use the same cut for my beef bacons. The downside is that it does not have that melt in your mouth fat action that you get with lamb or if perfectly done with veal belly. Hey Queenie, check out Mealmart, Hod Taam and Hod Lavan's turkey pastrami. Aarons also makes a great romanian turkey pastrami. The dark turkey meat is a more perfect bacon / smoked ham replacement in this pitboss' humble opinion. But this product, as every other one I've tried from Jacks is a winner and totally a worthwhile buy.

                      1. re: gotcholent

                        Thank you for all the great info! I'm going to pick up a package to try on burgers.

                      2. re: cheesecake17

                        So how long will it keep once opened?

                        1. re: daphnar

                          Like sliced pastrami, it is so chalk full of preservatives that it should last two weeks at least in the fridge if well sealed. With only 3/4 slices in each package, leftovers are unlikely.

                      3. Any product from JACKS is really the old 999!!!They also use the lower east side and real kosher brands.They are in Newark,NJ.

                        1. I have used beef fry in the past as a topping for meatloaf - make your favorite meatloaf recipe and layer the facon/beef fry over the top and cook normally -

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                            Or use underneath the skin of your turkey, or to wrap stuffed chicken breast. Placing the meat underneath the skin is key as it keeps the meat from drying out, the flavors really penetrate the poultry and you get a magnificant "tiger striping" effect to boot. Back in my very humble beginings working in the food industry with myfirst hole in the wall deli across from YU, one of my biggest under $5 sellers was called the Pregnant Lady's Dream, and it consisted of a deep fried kosher bacon wrapped hot dog with red onions, pickles and bbq. Oh ya baby! I'm so glad to see that Jack's has opened up this kind of fun to the general puplic!

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                              mmmmmm.....deep fried kosher bacon - that sounds delicious!

                          2. Which of Jack's sausages are wonderful?

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                            1. re: AdinaA

                              All of them. The chorizo is amazing--I just used it in Mark Bittman's Paella with Chicken and Sausage.

                              1. re: teachermom

                                Yes, the chorizo is great. And I used it in a paella as well, to great acclaim.

                                I like the cranberry-apple as well.

                                  1. re: cheesecake17

                                    There's a store locator on their website. I've found their stuff at Seasons in Queens, and the website said their stuff is sold at Aron's here in Queens as well, but you can check to see what's near you.

                                    1. re: queenscook

                                      The store locator lists several store near me in Brooklyn, but I haven't seen the sausages in any.

                                    2. re: cheesecake17

                                      I buy them at the ShopRite in Livingston and have seen them at the one in West Orange as well.

                                      1. re: DeisCane

                                        Thanks, I'll check Brooklyn shoprite.

                                      2. re: cheesecake17

                                        Glatt Express in Teaneck has them. The cranberry apple is great in stuffing.

                                1. I tried the facon. It is nice, but it does not have the crunch factor that gives a good lamb belly bacon or well-made gribenes that wonderful mouth feel (crunch, followed by sensuous explosion of smoky, salty, richness). Compared with these, facon is a crispy slice of smoked meat. Tasty, and probably useful in adding smoky richness to some dishes. But its not bacon.