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Dec 18, 2012 11:54 AM

Fresh Guanabanas or Chirimoyas in Montreal?


I absolutely need to find FRESH guanabanas or chirimoyas to make a specific type of cake. Has anyone seen these fruits anywhere in the city? I am assuming that since it's summer in South America, where both fruits grow, they should be in season now or quite soon...

Thank you for any advice

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  1. Always check either Nino's or Chez Louis at Jean-Talon Market; or maybe some of the asian markets (but I'm no expert of asian markets).

    1. They had these at Supermarche PA last year (can't remember when).
      I would suggest you check Sabor Latino/Andes on Belanger.

      1. They sometimes have some at Adonis... I haven't been in the last few weeks though... Maybe you could call?

        1. I saw cherimoyas at the Loblaws on Cavendish (of all places) last week.

          1. Thank you for your suggestions!

            Keep them coming if you can.

            I will call all of the above-mentioned places to verify which actually do have this rare fruit.

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              I had another thought -- the Asian markets frequently have something they call Sugar apples which are like slightly smaller cherimoyas. They ought to be close enough.