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Fresh Guanabanas or Chirimoyas in Montreal?


I absolutely need to find FRESH guanabanas or chirimoyas to make a specific type of cake. Has anyone seen these fruits anywhere in the city? I am assuming that since it's summer in South America, where both fruits grow, they should be in season now or quite soon...

Thank you for any advice

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  1. Always check either Nino's or Chez Louis at Jean-Talon Market; or maybe some of the asian markets (but I'm no expert of asian markets).

    1. They had these at Supermarche PA last year (can't remember when).
      I would suggest you check Sabor Latino/Andes on Belanger.

      1. They sometimes have some at Adonis... I haven't been in the last few weeks though... Maybe you could call?

        1. I saw cherimoyas at the Loblaws on Cavendish (of all places) last week.

          1. Thank you for your suggestions!

            Keep them coming if you can.

            I will call all of the above-mentioned places to verify which actually do have this rare fruit.

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              I had another thought -- the Asian markets frequently have something they call Sugar apples which are like slightly smaller cherimoyas. They ought to be close enough.

            2. Chez Nino
              192 Place-du-Marché-Nord
              (514) 277-8902

              Guanabanas: They don't know what that is.
              Chirimoyas: The should have them soon either during the holidays or in January. The ones that they get in the winter are from Brasil

              Chez Louis
              222, Place du Marché-du-Nord
              (514) 277-4670

              Guanabanas: They don't know what that is.
              Chirimoyas: They said they will have some on Saturday morning this week.

              Sabor Latino
              436, Rue Bélanger Est
              (514) 277-4130

              Guanabanas: No fresh ones only canned pulp.
              Chirimoyas: They never get them.

              Marché Adonis
              2001, rue Sauvé Ouest
              (514) 382-8606

              Guanabanas: They don't know what that is.
              Chirimoyas: They should get them sometime in the next week.

              Loblaws Cavendish
              6600, St-Jacques Ouest
              (514) 481-6959

              Guanabanas: They don't get them.
              Chirimoyas: They got some this morning apparently.

              Loblaws Jean-Talon (métro Parc)
              375, Rue Jean-Talon Ouest
              (514) 948-2600

              Guanabanas: They never get them.
              Chirimoyas: They should have some in the next few days.

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                  Wow, after all that research I'd probably be sure to eat them fresh and make a different cake. Good to know the season is starting soon.

                2. Aren't guanabanas and soursop the same thing? Maybe try asking for soursop? However, I'm pretty sure when I was looking for it awhile back they said it would be available in the spring.

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                    Yes, it's guanabana in Spanish, soursop in English and corossol in French. It's not that easy to find, though. It shows up sporadically at Asian and Latino grocery stores.

                  2. Cafe 92 sells soursop juice. You might call them and see where they get the pulp from. (they make the drink from frozen pulp).

                    Also, corossol/soursop is popular in Haiti so check the Haitian markets on Pie IX north of the Metropolitan or anywhere else they are.

                    1. Thank you for all the extra suggestions and precisions on the terms.

                      One last addition on my part. My boyfriend went to Chez Louis this morning and got some chirimoyas. A box of twelve chirimoyas (that are a bit bigger than a fist) is 31,50$. Definitely a rare luxury, but oh so worth it!

                      1. The Arepera du Plateau might sell you some guanabanas / soursop, but maybe they're canned or frozen pulp since they only use them for juice. They do generally have bins of fruit out in front of the cash though...
                        4050 Rue de Bullion Montreal, QC H2W 2E5
                        (514) 508-7267

                        from Facebook: We’ll be closed from 24/12/12 to the 08/01/13.
                        Happy Holidays, Thank You.

                        1. Kim Phat http://www.kimphat.com/ carries fresh Guanabanas and Chirimoyas when they are in season (for example today :-).

                          They also sell frozen Guanabana, but it has added sugar. I just ordered some frozen pulp from http://www.dmitierrita.com/