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Dec 18, 2012 11:05 AM

Christmas Eve Lobster x 30

I'm having approximately 30 people over for a Christmas Eve dinner. There's no way I'll be able to have all lobsters coming out of the pots at the same time...more likely two separate batches about 15-20 minutes apart, which leaves me wondering what to do with the first batch. Has anyone had any luck with keeping lobsters warm in a steam tray for half an hour or so? I'm concerned they will dry out or become rubbery / over-cooked. Any thoughts / suggestions? Thanks very much for any advice!

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  1. For that many I would have the fishmonger steam them for you.

    If not I think they will be fine just make sure everything is else is done and ready to go.

    Lots of people prefer their lobsters to cool slightly before eating. Give the less hot ones to olders and the youngers (ie those less wilingly to handle piping hot ones)

    1. I've never done this, but if I were going to attempt it I would try steaming the first batch until they were a little less than done (maybe 2 minutes less than fully cooked) - that way they would be less likely to overcook while holding in a steam tray. I'd probably refresh them with a 30 second bath of hot steam before serving, too.

      1. I come from lobster eating country out here in Nova Scotia, and would NOT advise a second do risk toughening them.

        I would not fret about a steam tray either as long as your gang is prepped and ready to eat. I think that foodiex2 has it right...there are folks that like'em so hot you have to back off as you crack 'em (my husband) and those (like me) who claim you can't taste them properly if they are TOO hot!

        1. You can keep the first batch warm in the oven....but really, if you keep them together, the residual heat from each individual cooked lobster will keep them collectively hot together.

          I would not bother with a warming I suspect they will not be in there too long anyway.