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Dec 18, 2012 11:03 AM

Christmas Eve dinner?

Looking for a reasonably priced place for dinner christmas eve in Rome. Doing antico arco christmas day - looking for less expensive option for christmas eve.

Any suggestions? - need not be (and preferably not) fancy - just decent food. Unfortunately, most of the lists I've found of places open on the 24th are either extremely upscale/expensive joints or the extreme tourist traps.


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  1. Vino e Camino is doing a wonderful fixed price menu that night, for 90Euros. It's one of my favorites in Rome, and often overlooked. The place is cozy and warm, and very relaxed feeling. The food is fantastic - a bit of a mix of traditional and creative. They also have a wood burning oven which they use to bake not only breads, but pastas, roasts, etc.

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      Thanks Elizabeth but, unfortunately, they are closed Christmas Eve (per the email they just sent me). Also, I was hoping for something a bit less expensive than 90Euros a head

      Any other suggestions?

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        Any thought to heading to the Jewish ghetto and seeing what's open?

        Does this menu work for you? You should probably call ahead and see if they are open that Monday night.

    2. Great suggestion - just reserved Nonna Betta - thanks. Would you consider that the best/most consistent food and experience in the J. Ghetto? Any other place there likely to be bettter? And, understanding the irony, we prefer a place that is least touristy, with good food


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        I don't know. I've only sometimes eaten in that area in my many visits to Rome, and at far apart intervals, and certainly can't speak to consistency. You can look up previous Chowhound posts for Jewish Ghetto or "carciofi alla giudia". I seem to recall almost every place in that neighborhood discussed here has its fans and detractors. I think several now are in guidebooks or well known to visitors, but whether the restaurants are suffering for being touristy, I don't know. In fact, you've reminded me that Mark Zuckerberg famously (or infamously) went to Nonna Betta while on his Roman honeymoon.

        If you're really worried about it, you could go have a walk around the neighborhood (which is quite atmospheric anyway). If you think you see something better, cancel with Nonna Betta.

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          Here's a useful thread from February 2012. It doesn't mention Nonna Betta, but that's only because Katie Parla didn't join the thread. She's a huge fan of it.

        2. Oops! I meant that menu at Vino e Camino for New Year's Eve.

          My go to in the Ghetto are Gigetto, Pompiere and Sora Margherita. Nonna Betta is Kosher, just so you know, and so their menu reflects that (which is why they are open on Christmas Even!)

            1. Thanks all. Anybody ever try Sheva in the ghetto?