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Dec 18, 2012 10:38 AM

Rome New Year's Eve Dinner

My wife and I will be in Rome and understand that the fireworks this year will be at the Colosseum. Can you recommend resturants to enjoy this festive evening. She's Italian and we can get by but we both don't know Rome well. We are not into spending 1200 Euros + although we would love to see the fireworks, so we have eliminated the thoughts of a resturant with an outdoor space and are now thinking a great resturant, nearby where we simply go outside at 12. We're not big fireworks people, but we want to join in the fun. Our hotel has recommended: Santa Lucia Resturant, Quinzi e Gabrielli Resturant, Hotel Valadier, Il Valentino. Maybe we should eat a great meal, watch fireworks and then go to a Piano bar. Any help at this point would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Actually good old Hostaria Nerone is very well situated for the fireworks, though you won't get gastronomic fireworks, "just" traditional Roman fare at a fair price. Aroma, very expensive and I haven't eaten there, will have a breathtaking view. Otherwise you might consider Agata e Romeo (elegant and very good, expensive -- one of my favorites) or Trattoria Monti, both located just the other side of the Colle Oppio park. You could leave shortly before 12 and walk to the park to watch the fireworks from the high ground of the Oppian Hill. But I'd seriously consider Nerone, where you could be outdoors to toast while watching the fireworks. We watch them every year from our terrace near the Colosseum and recently they've been quite spectacular.

    1. I second Maureen's suggestion of Nerone (if they are open?) I have been to Aroma a few times and sadly, it's not that good. It was at the beginning, but not anymore. And for New Year's Eve they will certainly have a ridiculously priced fixed menu.
      Caffe Propaganda might be fun. Also Os Club (although I haven't eaten there since they opened)

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        We went to Nerone last night and asked. They are open straight through to Jan 6, that is, including Sunday, their usual closing day, and New Year's Eve and Day.

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          Fantastic recommendation Thank you

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            You're welcome. Where did you wind up going?