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Dec 18, 2012 10:31 AM

1 week until Christmas - what are your plans?

I am a Christmas and New Year's holiday freak, I anticipate them like I am still a 5 year old child :) It's the most joyous time of year for me, after Thanksgiving, and I soak up the last few hours of wonderful time with family and delicious food for the year. Luckily, this year, I find myself on a 1 week vacation the week before Christmas which makes for a glorious 2 week holiday. What are you plans this week to get ready for the holidays?

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  1. Start making a list and shop, start decorating, think guiltily about sending cards, hang out with friends and family, and eventually cook. Prime rib with Yorkshire pudding, some BV cab that's about 15 and ready to drink, and steamed pudding with hard sauce for dessert.

    1. i only have one "small" dinner on the 24th

      Saturday or most probably sunday I will go to the market and get bunch of veggies and fruits and cheeses; maybe get the meat, or reserve it for monday morning; go to the wine store and get a few bottles of wine and Champagne

      Go to the christmas tree place around the corner and get a few left-over branches to decorate the table.

      Monday morning will go to the fishmonger to get whatever I can find that looks nice; then go to the bread shop and stock up because they will be closed for a couple of weeks

      After that, at home, prepare the seafood and/or fish (probably marinated) while this gets "done", set up the table.
      Once that is done (around noon), eat a small lunch then prepare the vegetables (clean/cut/pre-cook); get the meat out and marinate/rub it...

      Put everything in place, meat, veggies, cheese, fruits, ... all ready to get cooked/reheated and served.

      Now everything is set, I can sit back watch a corny christmas movie until 6-7-ish, shower, get dress, open wine and decent if necessary; offer myself a nice martini and wait for the guests to come.

      That's about it.

      1. Just getting my baking done. We head on the road Monday for a 5 hour drive to Wyoming to spend the week w/ BFs family for a week. I just mixed up some chocolate crinkles and put the dough in the fridge, tomorrow night I'm going to mix up the peanut blossoms and unwrap all the hershey kisses (and try not to eat them all), and I think I will do the gingerbread dough on Thursday night. I only have one big bowl for my mixer so doing multiple mix-ups in one day gets to be time consuming. A friend of mine is coming over on Saturday so we can make cheese, and I think we'll decorate the gingerbread cookies while waiting for the cheese to finish. Sunday I will be making cinnamon rolls, that is an all day process (including rising time).

        Other than that, all the gifts are bought and wrapped, and shipped when applicable. I'm freakishly organized.

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          We keep it more low key on Christmas with a small dinner on Christmas Eve and Chinese takeout on Christmas Day. So my prep for next week is fairly minimal aside from a few dishes and desserts for Christmas Eve.

          However, I missed out on a home-cooked Thanksgiving Day meal this year and so my SO and I decided to do it up big for New Year's Eve. It will be sort of my first "Thanksgiving dinner" except on New Year's Eve. I never thought I could spend so much time planning a meal with such anticipation. I cannot wait and it's still almost 2 weeks away. It feels somewhat strange considering most people are prepping similar types of food for Christmas, but I guess it'll be our tradition this year.

        2. lots of holiday celebrations for us!!!
          the 22nd at my sister's - ham and all the trimmings - not very adventurous recipes, but good.
          the 24th at our house with friends - a ginger glazed smoked ham, lots of garlic, lots of laughs and lots of wine.
          the 25th at the in-laws - an overcooked bland meal.
          new years' eve party at our house - 20 years since the night we met - not sure what we're eating yet - have to get past christmas first. :)

          getting ready - baking, packing and wrapping tonight and tomorrow night for this weekend.
          home sunday - unpacking and wrapping for Christmas.
          Christmas eve - baking and cooking for dinner and Christmas day. final wrapping - large gift for DH has been hidden at my bestie's house for 2 weeks! :)

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            We head out of town for the week. Spend it at the Ritz.....I know, not very family-ish, but it works for us. We spend all other holidays with our families. We rarely get a vacation, just the two of us. So, that's our week together. Eating, drinking, shopping and eating some more!!

          2. Hosting a party for my wonderful neighbors..getting all the food and wine together, all of them know their food and wine, so no slouching on my part.

            In-Laws are coming in for 4 days and we'll be eating and drinking..for Xmas Eve, I like to make shrimp cocktails, lobster bisque en croute, cheese platter of stinky bleu's and we drink champagne, listen to Bing singing Xmas music and open one of our Xmas Eve!

            Christmas day is a lovely breakfast with bloody's and a goat cheese, heirloom tomt frittata...we go for a long hike with the dogs and I bring a bottle of champagne and fresh tangerine juice for mimosa to toast by the lake and then I play old school Xmas songs on my drums, we laugh and scratch watching old 3 Stooges with my beloved Curly and then get ready for dinner of salmon, risotto and aspargus and a bottle of red.

            Then we are going to nice hotel and party for 3 days of NYE fun!

            Happy Holidays to all..