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Dec 18, 2012 10:17 AM

No Christmas Crab? Anyone have a good source for live crab?

Hi, I just called a local crab boat and they (as of Dec 16) are not taking any more Christmas orders, "due to the weather". I don't get that, does that mean no one will have live crabs? Where else can I get good live crabs? I'm on the Peninsula. Thanks!

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  1. It is going to be tough--Oregon and Washington commercial seasons are closed until December 31.

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      I ordered two live from Alioto-Lazio for 12/24 and got the impression that there were still some left.

    2. I was just @ Ranch 99 Market in Richmond Sunday. The crabs were lively and plentiful in the tanks--and cheap--$5.99 a pound (the chef from Rivoli Restaurant was in line, buying five). No clue where the crabs are from.

      1. Dodwell (435 4th in Oakland) has a lot of live crab at $6.99/lb.

        1. G&G Market in Petaluma $4.99/lb. Very lively but on the small side.

          1. When you say "local crab boat" do you mean the ones at Pillar Point? Consider calling the harbormaster's hotline closer to the date. Even if you can't preorder, it's likely that someone will be selling (perhaps from an earlier catch) and the hotline will tell you which boat. This upcoming weekend's forecast is for rain and they don't usually head out if it's storming.