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Dec 18, 2012 10:10 AM

Keeping Mashed Potatoes Warm

What's your trick for doing this without using the oven? Thanks!

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    1. re: lcool

      +1 just did this for the first time around Thanksgiving - perfect!

      1. re: lcool

        I would like to use the crock pot, but mine is really old and only has Low/High settings and could still get hot at the bottom, enough to scorch or dry them out. Should I put water in the bottom and set the bowl of potatoes in and cover?

        1. re: jacquelyncoffey

          If you think the bottom is too hot,yes to the water for a modified water bath.Maybe even sort of wrap,pad the bowl you would use in a wet towel so you don't have to fuss with much water mess.

          1. re: jacquelyncoffey

            I have an old crockpot too (vintage, according to ebay) and have never had a scorching issue when keeping mashed potatoes warm in this manner.


        2. Do you want to keep them warm on the serving table, or only until serving time? If you mash and prepare them, you can cover the dish, and place in a pre-warmed (partially fill with hot water, allow to heat up, then remove water and wipe inside of box dry) insulated food container with a closed top. Like a large Igloo or Thermos box.

          1. If you are just worried about keeping warm until serving (no traveling with them) you might want to try simply placing the pot with the mashed potatoes in in a larger pot (or roasting pan) on the stove and filling the larger vessel with a few inches of hot water and keep on a low simmer. The water / extra pan should keep them from scorching until you are ready to serve them. Seems to work well for me...

            1. I think I saw Alton Brown use a heating pad in a box once...

              1. I tried 2 oddball ways:
                1. Electric skillet on the lowest setting--worked quite well, and I had the bonus of crispy bits at the bottom as a chef's treat
                2. In a covered metal bowl, sitting on a medium-warm electric griddle--not successful.