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Dec 18, 2012 10:02 AM

ISO Prime Rib to Cook in Long Beach Area

Well, I can ask too, can't I?

We are being invaded by carnivores from the North...! That is, my sister, brother-in-law, their three teenaged kids and my mom are driving down for Christmas from Lassen County. We want to cook a prime rib for Xmas dinner for about 12 people total (and I'm figuring 12-15 lbs-- sound right?). Does anyone have suggestions as to a good source?

Would Costco (Signal Hill or Los Alamitos) work? How about Stater Bros (we're in the Plaza east of LGB)? Any independent butchers we can check out? Vons/Pavilions? Or (gods help us) should we risk Whole Paycheck over in Marina Shores?

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated. I'm losing my mind trying to get ready for the enslaught of hungry relatives...!!

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  1. i don't know of any good independent butchers. i've always had the best luck with the bristol guys, but i don't know if that has changed since the lazy acres changeover (anybody been?). costco meats do have a great reputation; too bad i break out in a sweat when i get near the parking lot.