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Dec 18, 2012 09:51 AM

Goose & Gander in St. Helena?

Anyone had chance to check out Goose & Gander in St. Helena?
Haven't heard much buzz about it (maybe I'm not looking in the right places?) but both the food & cocktail menus sure look appealing.


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    Thanks for posting this. We're going to be in Sonoma over Christmas/New Years. We want to go back to Prather Winery (love their white port especially) so lunch here sounds wonderful.

    1. How timely - I went last Saturday evening. Dining solo, I opted to sit in the bar downstairs with a book which was fine for me.

      They have an amazing cocktail list and I started with a "Rosemary Pear Shrub" made with Distillery 209 Gin, some ginger, lemon seltzer and a large sprig of rosemary. It was bright and lively and more than enough cocktail for one, although I would have enjoyed trying others had I not been driving down-valley...

      Following the recommendation of my server, I started with seared Day Boat Sea scallops served with
      creamy Parmesan pearl couscous (almost like a creamy risotto), crispy Prosciutto, and topped with arugula. There were two scallops on the appetizer and, honestly, it was the creamy pearl couscous that shined. Any protein could have been placed on top.

      For dinner, I ordered a pan-roasted chicken breast served with smoked corn succotash that was studded with "wild & tame mushrooms." Lovely and perfect with a crispy skin on the chicken and moist interior. It was a difficult choice since the entire menu looked great, but I also wanted something I could take home for breakfast the following morning so that I could save room for dessert.

      Also with a recommendation, I ordered the caramel chocolate tart that was served with Three Twins espresso ice cream and vanilla sauce. I took half of that home as well; very dense and rich with bits of Himalayan salt on top of the tart.

      It was great sitting at the bar as I got to chat with them about their amazing giant ice cubes (perfectly clear and 3" square) and enjoy the ambience of a fire place and warm wood interior.

      The whole meal was about $90 with tip which is a bit high for one person, but I would go back in a second and they have the benefit of being open from 11:00 a.m. through dinner service so it can be a great place for a mid-day stop.

      Highly recommend.

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        Oh goody! I always put stock in your recs. Will definitely go now. Thanks.

        1. re: c oliver

          Correction - the meal (with tip) was $70...

          And thanks, C Oliver!

      2. I ate in the bar twice last summer and both times I ate the burger. It's one of the best I've had.

        1. I have not eaten there, but just got a report today from a Napa friend who has and he thought it was a great place to celebrate his birthday in the last week or so. I trust his tastes is restaurants, so will add it to my "must try soon" list.

          1. Thanks to y'all we had lunch here today. And it was a really good lunch. We got the grilled octopus, the bone marrow and a salad. The octopus was the best we've EVER had and that includes Babbo in NYC. Three tentacles about 4" long and the size of my finger. So amazingly tender. Our server said they quickly 'dunk' them in boiling water a few times and then very quickly grilled. Here's from the menu:

            Wood Grilled Octopus ~ 16
            Roasted Red Crescent Potatoes, Sauce Gribiche, Red Mizuna, and Spanish Paprika

            The bone marrow was equally good. And smeared on some perfectly toasted and oiled baguette slices:

            Roasted Bone Marrow ~ 13
            Parsley Caper Salad, Tarragon Mustard Vinaigrette, and Rustic Bread

            The salad was good but I thought the dressing was a bit too tart. But I'm wearing braces these days and am sometimes ultra-sensitive to such things.

            Arugula and Endive Salad with Goat Cheese Fritter ~ 12
            Asian Pears, Tarragon, Grilled Radicchio, and “Confited” Pistachio Nuts

            The only picture I managed to snap (we were digging in too quickly to bother with!) was the creme brulee with a maple topping and a poached pear with raisins. Fabulous and I think I make a pretty mean CB :)

            We had a bottle of Praxis Viognier from the Russian River area.

            This is such a gorgeous place. Beautiful woods and deep, warm colors. Peeked into the bar downstairs and like it also. If our time in the Bay Area weren't so limited we'd go back here and WILL next summer when we return.

            Before tip, we came in just under $100. Want to work our way through the menu. A couple near us shared the cioppino which they were raving about...when they weren't sopping up juices with bread :) HIGHLY recommend.