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Dec 18, 2012 08:46 AM

Sunday Brunch for 15-20ppl in Lee/Lenox, MA

Hello all,
I'm looking for a venue that could host a group of 15-20ppl for a brunch on a Sunday in January in Lee or Lenox. We will be in the area for the weekend celebrating my sister's 50th birthday. Saturday is a spa day followed by dinner at the Wheatleigh (in the library).

I'd like a semi-casual place with good food. We will want to arrive, have a cup of coffee (or something stronger), chat a bit, then sit down to eat. I'd like to do a buffet rather than order a la carte (although this is not a deal breaker; will order a la carte in the right place). Given this, it would be ideal to have our own space within the venue. It doesn't need to be a private room, just an area that we could stand in without being in the way or hovering over tables of other guests.

I'd really like to do this in a restaurant and avoid going to a hotel since we will have had dinner in a hotel setting the evening prior.

Any thoughts on what might fit the bill? All suggestions appreciated!

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  1. Hmm. Brunch for a large group might be hard to find something chowhound worthy.

    The Dakota on Rt. 7 in Lenox is ok, very casual buffet.

    Cranwell in Lenox would be a bit more upscale. Technically a hotel or inn but would not really feel like one. They have buffets on holidays but not sure about regular Sundays,.

    Red Lion in Stockbridge could certainly have a large group. Generally their food is unexciting but I'm sure breakfast would be ok although I haven't had it myself, No buffet though.

    More ideal for what I would think of as semi-casual Sunday brunch buffet would probably be the Williams Inn although being in Williamstown might be a little out of your way maybe 30 minutes from Lenox.

    I think too in Mass no matter where you go you might not be able to get "something stronger" until noon so hopefully you can hold out until then.

    1. You might want to try the Morgan House Inn in Lee. Very good food and service. I would contact them about a brunch for a group. They don't advertise an actual brunch, but with the amount of people you have, I'm sure they would accommodate you. Possibly with a separate room.

      1. I wonder whether Chez Nous in Lee might be able to help. They usually serve only dinner, but...

        1. Thank you all for the suggestions! We are, in fact, staying at the Cranwell. Their breakfast/brunch menus look good but the Music Room appears a bit more formal than what I was hoping for (at least from the one photo they have on their web site).

          I will check out the Red Lion Inn and the Morgan House Inn. I do think that Williamstown is too far for this group.

          I did think of Chez Nous. We had my brother's rehearsal dinner there 5 years ago and they did a very nice job and were super pleasant to work with.

          What do you all think of Haven in Lenox? They are willing to accommodate our group with a special menu. Never been there but I like the look of the space from their website and their menu is appealing.

          Thanks again, and please continue making suggestions...!

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          1. re: dot_boston

            Haven is pretty good, some items quite good. busy, so you'd want to make arrangements.

            The red lion is really marginal; I don't understand why anyone eats there.

            1. re: magiesmom

              I cannot recommend Red Lion, had a very expensive, mediocre to poor breakfast, and it was served lukewarm on cold plates.

            2. re: dot_boston

              Haven is good. It is pretty small though for a group of 20. You will really be right on top of everyone. But, if the space works food is much better than Red Lion or Morgan House.

              If great Barrington is an option (probably 20 minutes from Cranwell) then I would also check out Cafe Adam.

            3. Haven is large enough that they could probably set aside a section for you...on weekends the menu is brunch AND some lunch items, including their wonderful salads. Cafe Adam is one of the best restaurants in the county, and, given the interior layout, they could probably block off a section for you.