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Best place for cheese/accessories ("cheese basket"?) for a Christmas gift?

After not eating cheese for most of their lives (we are Chinese-American), my parents have in the last several years really come to appreciate cheese.

So for Christmas, I'd like to get them a nice assortment of cheese and perhaps some accessories -- a "cheese basket," if you will -- and I was wondering where I could get something like this in the Los Angeles/Orange area. I'll be doing the shopping this weekend so I'll need a place where I can pick things up the day of, no special orders, but I am geographically flexible. Anywhere in OC/the LA basin is fine.

Ideally, I'm envisioning a basket of some unique cheeses beyond what you can find in a typical supermarket, some accessories (what are those? knives? cutting boards?) in a nice presentation. I'm willing to spend up to $100 on this and don't mind paying up a little bit if the presentation is good, since this is a one-time gift.

Stores with friendly/helpful staff are a bonus, as I don't personally know much about cheese but I'd like to put together a nice selection.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Talk to David at Surfas. He's great! He is in charge of the cheese department .

    1. The Artisan Cheese Gallery in Studio City would definitely suit your needs.

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            1. Thanks for all the answers, everyone! Based on the replies I'm planning on checking out Artisan Cheese and the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills for this Christmas, and making my way to the other ones over the next year or so.

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                You will never be disappointed with the BH Cheese Store. It is, without a doubt, one of the greater finds in this lovely city.

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                  I'm a huge fan of the Beverly Hills Cheese Store and have ordered baskets from them on numerous occasions. Norbert, the owner, does some videos for Chowhound and is a true expert when it comes to cheese.

                  I also highly recommend Wally's Cheese Box on Westwood Boulevard, just north of Olympic. They recently helped me do a fantastic basket for some friends at precisely your price range.

                  As for accoutrements, a basket could include some bread and crackers, perhaps a small cheese board, a knife or two, a slicer, some charcuterie (sausage, jamon from Spain, pate), some fig jam or other spread, fruit, gherkins, nuts, some kind of sweets, and maybe a bottle of wine. The problem is that those, plus the cost of the basket, can add up quickly, leaving little money for the cheese. The Beverly Hills Cheese Store website has an online store that has a few examples of their baskets. Most are more than $100 and don't have much in the way of hardware like boards and knives, but they may give you an idea of what might be included.

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                    Thanks so much for the detail! As it turns out, my sister has also procrastinated on Christmas shopping for the parentals. So we're going in together and I've got a larger budget to work with :)