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Dec 18, 2012 08:11 AM

Really Nice Holiday Gift Basket in SF?

I'm driving up to SoCal to stay with my girlfriend's family for the holidays. I've met her parents once before, earlier this summer, but haven't really spent much time with them and don't know them very well. We aren't that close yet. I need to bring them some sort of gift for the holidays though, and I have no clude what to pick up. I'm thinking a really nice gift basket of artisanal chocolates, teas, ground coffee, confections, preserves, local olive oils or regional wine, etc. I don't want to pick up commercial grade stuff (nix on Ghiradelli or Hershey's etc); I want unique to S.F. homemade or small-batch items that are ornamentally packaged and would make for a really nice gift. Imported chocolates, candies/sweets, teas, coffees, jams, honey, and so on would also work. I'd like to spend between $50-$100 max! Is there anywhere in San Francisco offering pre-arranged gift baskets that might fit this bill? I unfortunately can't afford to spend a lot of time or effort on this, so I'm looking for something easy and convenient, yet really nice! Can anyone help me out with a holiday gift basket in the city?


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  1. San Francisco Gift Baskets ( will do the trick...

    1. Sorry but that's exactly what I don't want... it's super touristy junk; Ghiradelli chocolates, etc. I'm looking for something with quality artisanal local and/or import items packaged inside that will be appreciated and enjoyed. SFGiftbaskets is stuff you can buy at an airport duty-free.

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        At this time of year, it is probably what you are going to get because these companies make their money on peddling the larger vendors.

        My back-up recommendation would be to head to the Ferry Plaza; you could literally walk from one end to the other in less than half-an-hour and fill a basket with stuff. I don't think that would take too much effort or time and you are guaranteed to get better items.

      2. I think Bi-Rite Market can put together a gift basket for you with local delicacies. But I agree that if you have a spare hour, you could get the job done at the Ferry Plaza easily.

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          The two references to gift baskets on their Web site are a blank page and a PDF that says, "The gift-basket thing never really took off," so I think maybe they aren't set up for that.

        2. Draegers (supermarket with 3 locations) does fabulous gift baskets. They always have some ready to go, or you can order a custom one. Give them a price range and some do's and don'ts (sweet or savory, no red meat, no white chocolate, local only, kosher, whatever), and they will put something together.

          1. I had the same question, which I solved with a 45 minute spin through the Ferry Building yesterday evening. To fill a basket, you're really looking more at the $100 range than $50 when shopping there.

            Even though Bi-Rite apparently doesn't make gift baskets, you can certainly assemble your own by purchasing items they sell.

            Also, yes, La Cocina, but you may do better assembling your own than relying on shipping this late in the game.