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Dec 18, 2012 08:02 AM

Bug: Viewing posts in my profile - layout width

using IE9/Win7 notebook with a 13.5" screen width.

When viewing the expanded list of posts in my profile, the post field is bleeding into the adjacent profile field. Not a big deal. Just a heads up for the engineering team.

Here's two screen shots showing the alignment of the fields in my profile.

This situation does not occur when viewing the posts of another user. Two screen shots of LindaWhit are included for reference.

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  1. Thanks Foody4life. We've found the cause of this and we'll try to get a fix in soon. It's caused by long urls in your posts, which is why you don't see it on LindaWhit's profile page.

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    1. re: meshane

      thanks for the feedback. no worries - I'll use TinyURL to shorten urls in the future.

      1. re: Foody4life

        Hey Foody4life,

        We fixed this issue in today's release, so you shouldn't really need to use TinyURL.

        - Shane

    2. I mentioned this twice and received no response. I'm glad to read that they understand it and plan to fix it. But in my case, the origin of the display is misplaced. I can't tell from your screen snaps whether it is the same.

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      1. re: GH1618

        Hey GH1618. I'm not seeing this issue on your profile, and I'm not clear on what you mean by "the origin of the display is misplaced." I'm not certain that you're seeing the same issue. Is it still happening for you?

        1. re: meshane

          Yes, it is still happening. At Profile/My Activity/Discussions, the display of threads is shifted to the right and slightly upward from where it belongs, so that it overlaps the part of the display on its right. Only the "discussions" tab does this. It still works, but it's annoying.

          1. re: GH1618

            To clarify, the left edge of the box containing the list of threads begins immediately after the text "My Recent Discussions", with the text "Title, Date, Author" on the same line. It's as if a newline operation did not take place after printing "discussions".

            1. re: GH1618

              Are you seeing this on your iPad? I'm not seeing this. Your iOS version seems out of date, is that correct? You might consider updating iOS.

              1. re: meshane

                Yes, on my iPad, and my IOS is old. I've never seen a problem like that before, though. I agree that I need to do an update. Thanks for looking at it.

      2. I have a width,left margin error in my profile page.

        It is confined to FOLLOWING ,sub-heading ,"DISCUSSIONS"
        The "X" to remove a discussion is only 2%-10% visible.Only three with enough exposed to function.

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        1. re: lcool

          Hi lcool. Thank you for reporting this. The information has been passed along to the engineering team. Happy new year!

          1. re: DeborahL

            thanks and a happy new year to you