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Dec 18, 2012 07:50 AM

Cooking classes in Toronto

Hi all. I'm interested in taking a cooking class in the new year and I'm wondering what experiences others have had with them. Specifically, I'm looking for courses that aren't too expensive and cover either basic cooking skills or baking rather than something more specific such as vegan or Chinese.Has anyone tried classes at The Good Egg in Kensington?

I'm sure there are threads that cover this topic already up but this kind of information always changes. Many thanks

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  1. havent done good egg, but maybe Caphalon? Ive had good luck there! you could also do the classes at george brown- lots of options there.

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      Not sure if this would help you. There is a wagjag deal on for cooking classes at the moment. I have not tried this company so I don't know how good they are either.

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        Highly recommend Caphalon on King/Spadina as well.

        I have done a sauce and a wine/pairing class. Both were very informative - and a lot more 'precise' and 'empirical' than other cooking for pleasure classes I have experienced in Toronto. I was expecting people pushing for sales, but it was all very professional and friendly.

        If you are looking for more fundamental knowledge that's more 'relaxed', I would recommend George Brown though. I personally havent done any, but a friend did the veg/asian course a while ago and swears by it.

      2. George Brown's culinary con-Ed program is by and large fantastic. While some of the electives are hit and miss, Culinary I and II are terrific and great for improving basic technique.

        Semester-long classes are more expensive than one-shot cheap dealios. Worth every penny.

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          I've taken the culinary classes as well, and they are really good. You can opt for a certificate, in which you have 3 required courses (Culinary I, ll and Knife Skills) and 6 Electives of your choice.

          It requires a bit of time and commitment but their worth it imo. Culinary I, ll and Knife Skills will really help with the fundamentals and will go a long way in helping you in the kitchen.

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            Regarding the GB classes. I'm not looking to become a chef, I just want to improve my cooking skills. Are their classes worth it for that?

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              Absolutely - the con-ed classes are populated almost exclusively with people looking to improve their home cooking skills. I have done several and enjoyed them all and learned in each.

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            1. For some basic and affordable classes I believe the TDSB offers some through their continuing ed program.

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                I taken a ton of the TDSB cooking classes and have loved everyone of them. Found them fun, informative, and inexpensive.