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Dec 18, 2012 07:43 AM

Joshua Tree renovating decor and menu

including "stays true to its sports bar roots while offering more chef driven, fresh, and local dishes as well as daily specials and featured menu items" as well as "a new HD projector and a a fancy new draft beer system with 32 taps."

These folks own some other restaurants I have historically disliked, including one of the several places in the Five Horses/Yee's Village parade. I think they're more in the business of making money than good food, but I must admit they seem savvy business people. I imagine they are responding to the Foundry/Saloon/Posto/Painted Burro invasion, and I suspect they will probably respond effectively.

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  1. I always think it's a little bizarre when a restaurant announces that their new menu will now be "chef driven and fresh". As opposed to the old menu that had no chef and was thawed out of the freezer?

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    1. Surely an improvement over its frat-driven dishes.

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      1. re: Bob Dobalina

        note the menu also "stays true to its sports bar roots," I note without judgment*.

        *at least, I try to

      2. The Joshua Tree is currently closed due to this renovation and reopening on 12/26.

        1. I read that as "sports bar ... HD projector, 32 taps" with a nod to saying maybe we might care about food a little or maybe not. I guess I'm jaded; I know many "restaurants" aren't exactly food-centric.

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          1. re: lergnom

            "we have noticed the Davis-Square-wide moderate restaurant upgrade and wish to continue taking Boston Ski & Sports Club members' money, so we will now offer Slumbrew and fake truffle oil on our nachos."

            *not a real quote.