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Dec 18, 2012 07:36 AM

What kitchen items would be MUST HAVES on 'the desert island'?

Assume there's electricity. If you could only take what you could carry what kitchen items would you choose?
Mine would be my cheap little rice cooker, the ancient carbon steel chinese clever I've had forty forty years, A small pairing knife, an enamel coated pot with lid, ss fry pan, knife fork spoon, plate, bowl, coffee cup. Am I forgetting something?

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  1. A wooden spoon, ladle and a spatula.

    1. Stainless chef's knife & steel, bamboo cutting board, induction unit, stainless tri-ply skillet & lid, pressure cooker, medium tri-ply saucepan, blunt melamine spoon, slotted melamine spoon, stainless tongs, 4-cup pyrex measuring cup (also serves as mixing bowl), large stainless mixing bowl, mesh colander (also serves as strainer & steamer), whisk, silicone spoonula, scissors, peeler, chopsticks, filled pepper mill, bottle of olive oil. (Will make salt from sea... ;>) Serrated utility knife, table fork, soup spoon, pasta plate, mug.

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      1. re: ellabee

        How many arms do you have? I'm really impressed if you can carry all that ;)

        1. re: goodhealthgourmet

          Just a month ago I took almost exactly this collection of items (with an au gratin pan replacing the induction unit, and minus the pressure cooker and table items) to my mother-in-law's kitchen -- something of a "desert island" where kitchen equipment is concerned.

          It fits into a sturdy basket -- not something I'd really want to hike any great distance with, but it's carryable. Might fit into a backpack...

          My pared-down list of "five" is below.

          1. re: ellabee

            I was just teasing. But it was the pressure cooker that had me wondering how you could manage all of that - I can definitely see everything else fitting.

            1. re: goodhealthgourmet

              You might be visualizing one of those big old honking pressure-canners -- just the mental image that kept me from considering p.c.'s for years.

              The cooker set I'd try to lug, if I could, is a fairly compact nesting set of 6 and 4 qt pots (roughly 9"x9" and 9"x6"), with two short handles. Compact, but still pretty heavy -- about 12 pounds combined.

      2. Hmmm... I more or less did this when I moved to Vanuatu. Took some and bought some there. I'm trying to remember what we had. Chef's knife, big spoon, tongs (could give up the spoon because you could stir with tongs if you had to), big pot with lid, small pot. Luxury items, measuring cups or spoons, baking pan or cookie sheet. You can get pretty creative with limited resources. Oh, and some kind of a towel for grabbing hot pots, because aluminum pots get really hot, really fast!

        1. I would add a microplane to the mix. You'll need one for the citrus, nutmeg, etc.

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          1. re: chefathome

            Ooh, yes; the fine microplane for sure, and probably the medium (maybe there'll be an airdrop of Parmesan!).

            The 'what you can carry' rule doesn't limit lightweight utensils and gadgets much, so we can each have most of our favorites.

            The pots and pans pose the real decisions. If there weren't going to be electricity, I'd need a little rolling cart for the batterie, to handle the weight of the cast iron and copper that would replace most of the stainless...

            1. re: ellabee

              I like the rolling cart workaround - I could stack plenty of goodies onto one of those, and wouldn't have to leave my Breville oven or cast iron pans behind ;)

              okay, so assuming that along with the electricity there are also burners & ovens of some kind...
              - one good pot w/lid
              - one good saute pan
              - roasting pan
              - baking sheet
              - Santoku
              - paring knife
              - honing steel
              - microplane
              - rubber spoonula
              - wooden spoon
              - mixing bowl
              - colander
              - one set of eating utensils
              - flexible flat spatula
              - tongs
              - whisk
              - Aeropress & coffee mug
              - coffee & spice grinders
              - immersion blender

          2. There IS electricity on this desert island?!? Guess I'd take just about everything!?! Would definitely like a few decent, sharp knives... would take electric knife sharpener along, too.

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            1. re: kseiverd

              <There IS electricity on this desert island>

              I think it is a private beach island or something:



              1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                If there is electricity is there telephone? Carry out would cover me.