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Dec 18, 2012 07:22 AM

New Orleans with a toddler

Hi All,
Frequent visitors to New Orleans, but visiting this time with our 20 month old son, and looking for suggestions for eating out. We're staying near the Quarter. I'm wondering what might be some good options. Our son is pretty adventurous and used to eating at restaurants all over Chicago but the issue is more the limited amount of time we have to eat. He's always ready to go after an hour. Do you think lunch or an early dinner (5ish) at Mr B's would work? I'm having a hard time thinking of a New Orleans visit without that divine barbecued shrimp. Has anyone tried lunch at Emeril's with a toddler? I know he would be all over their banana cream pie, but not sure we can dine and dash there, or even if they have highchairs. We're sadly skipping Galatoire's this time as I can't comprehend taking a toddler there. I think we will be going to Acme's at least once for lunch because it's busy and casual and fun. And also taking the streetcar to Camellia Grill for burgers and orange freezes. Any other ideas for casual eating or reasonably fine dining? Palace Cafe, maybe? We love lunch at August and it's usually almost empty when we go for a late lunch, but I can't see taking the kiddo there. How about Cochon? Finally, I couldn't resist and made jazz brunch reservations at Commander's Palace, hoping the balloons and musicians could entertain him, but I'm having my doubts. Finally, what's the best place for pho, not too far from the quarter?I appreciate any suggestions you guys have. We won't have a car, but will be taking the streetcar and/or cabs.

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  1. One good option with little kids is John Besh's American Sector. It is located at the WWII Museum in the Warehouse District, and it gets a lot of family traffic. Casual and quick, but imaginative and well-prepared food.


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      Oh, that sounds really good. And a quick walk from our hotel. Thanks for the suggestion! It wasn't even on my radar screen and it looks like a great lunch option.

    2. Magasin is the best pho in the Uptown area. Palace Cafe might be a good choice. I agree that August and Galatoire’s would be bad choices.

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        Thanks. Will check out Magasin. Does anyone know if Mr B's offers the barbecued shrimp on their bar menu? I can't find a bar menu online. That seems like a good time to go there, if they have it.

      2. Emeril's will be fine for lunch with your toddler.