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DId anyone watch The Layover Toronto?

I personally thought they nailed It. A lot of the restaurants and bars I tend to frequent. About half way through the episode I thought they were focusing too much on downtown trendy spots, but then they even did a feature on street jerk chicken up on Eglinton west which I thought was a must. One part I feel they left out was Richmond Hill Chinese, but then again, thats not really "Toronto". Notable features were: The Black Hoof, Agave & Aguacate (Which is no longer there) Beast and Paddington's. I thought they did a good job of representing Toronto's diverse food scene.

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  1. Also a nice profile on Tosho knife arts with Olivia Go I found An online stream for you to watch


    1. I think they did a good job as well. I have visited most of the places he featured, but the ones I haven't, he definitely made me want to visit. Especially some of the bars.

      Honestly though I watch the Layover every week and I typically walk away with a list of places or cities to visit or re-visit in the future and the Toronto episode I think will catch many peoples attention.

      Its interesting you mentioned RH/Markham as in past episodes he has left the main core of the cities he has visited and featured noteworthy suburbs (The San Francisco episode comes to mind) So that did come across as a glaring omission and would have fit the "non trendy" part of the episode well. I personally find the Jerk spots on EW unremarkable and bland, but you could do alot worse for drunk food after a night out. A feature on the Patty Shops, especially Randy's would have represented JA cuisine better though.

      Overall a good episode which represented TO quite nicely.

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        Great point, he should have hit Randy's as well

      2. I saw on the plane, and I kept thinking to myself if there was anything I could do to get the pilot to make a "layover" in Toronto so I could make a stop at Black Hoof, and then a quick trip to the drug store for some Zocor.

        1. Watching now during my lunch break... I wish he would say who half the people are that they interview (vs. people that he meets). I don't think he does in general for most of the "talking heads". I recognize the girl in the red dress but not sure where from.

          Any of you CHers interviewed in this ? ;)

          Also surprised he didn't mention Porter/Island airport... Thinking people from NYC/Chicago/etc would seriously consider that as an option.

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            Not bad, but the whole episode came off as too earnest. Maybe that's fitting for Toronto!

          2. I liked the food spots highlighted on the episode but I didn't enjoy the overall classification of Toronto. Not to mention, aside from the Eglinton west spot, everything was south of Bloor.

            1. Has this episode aired yet on T&E?

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              1. re: terrycar

                No, only in the US (and online)

                Apparently won't air on T&E until April

              2. Of all the Bourdain shows I like this whole series the least, the whole tone is stiffer and it reeks of going through the motions especially all the 2nd unit footage and b-roll with voiceovers of places Tony never got within a mile of. No surprise it's done at the end of this season.

                For what it is I think it was a decent snapshot and the places that are still in business will no doubt get a boost from it, but just like any time Toronto get's written up in a travel or food magazine it never really gets it quite right.

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                1. re: bytepusher

                  Agree, this is my least favourite bourdain show..but its still my favourite "travel show".

                  I agree it feels like a show they made him do as they wanted something more travel-ly.

                2. Thought it was a pretty good representation of the city. I mean, they can't fit it all in and I could pipe up on what I thought where glaring omissions but for the most part I thought they did a pretty good job. More bang ons than misses that's for sure. They also covered a ton of places ...

                  I hit most of those spots on the regs. That dim sum spot is my go to for cheap Chinatown Sunday morning hang over food. I'm surprised it got a mention. It's pretty DL when compared to Crown Princess or Lai Wah Heen.

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                  1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

                    yeah i was interested in what people here had to say about that dim sum, i haven't been there before

                        1. re: LexiFirefly

                          I think it was called Forestview

                          oh wait, I just see that bytepusher responded 2 minutes ago.

                          BTW, did they mention "Capalnksy's" by name? I wasn't paying super close attention but it seemed like they went there because they were talking with the deli guy but I didn't notice if Anthony actually ate there or anything. Didn't they close it down for a day or two??

                          1. re: ylsf

                            I'm not sure Tony's crew went to Caplansky's (but it does get mentioned in the travel channel's travel guide companion to the episode) you may be thinking of some other TV personality for which Mr Bourdain has unkind names. If they did the footage wound up on the floor because I don't recall it from the show.

                            Zane is too overexposed already (been on a couple shows, known to have shot a DDD episode and pitching his own show [a terribly kept secret]) to fit into Bourdain's house style.

                            1. re: bytepusher

                              I did get confused between the Layover and DDD but there is a part that is filmed in Caplansky's in the Toronto episode. It shows the deli writer/expert guy eating a sandwich there. Around 4 minutes and 30 seconds into the above link. However, I don't see them mention the name of the deli he is eating in.

                              BTW, I saw an advertisement that Zane will be back on Dragon's Den in the new year for a "2nd chances" episode.

                      1. California Sandwiches..."avocado on my veal parm?" Wouldn't that be the Jalapeno mash they use.

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                          I think Bourdain was more asking "what is a california sandwich... like, do they just put advocado on a veal sandwich"

                        2. I thought it was well done but would have definitely thrown in Bamiyan Kabob into the mix as well. I found it a bit too 'hipster-centric' and I think it could of
                          highlighted Toronto's uniqueness and multicultural melting pot more.

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                          1. re: pakmode

                            agreed. for a city as diverse and multi-cultural as toronto...the show didn't exactly represent that, did it?

                            1. re: jinxie

                              I think Bourdain chose to focus on the "newer wave" of local chefs because you could easily go the multicultural route in any major city these days, that is hardly unique to Toronto. I will agree that he may have missed an opportunity focusing on Markham/RH and Cantonese cuisines because it really is excellent in Toronto in comparison to other cities. Similar to how you kind of have to focus on Cuban cuisine in Miami.

                              If you watched past episodes where he visited NYC, London, SF and Miami he did not focus on the multicultural aspect of the city either and you could easily eat around the world in any of those cities.

                              1. re: Matt H

                                Not saying that he should've focused on the multiculturalism aspect as a facet of the toronto food scene...just that when you go into any of these places, i don't know about you guys- but i see a diversity of people. you don't get that when you watch this episode. at all.

                                1. re: jinxie

                                  Gotcha and I would agree, but it was still a pretty well done episode as far as places he chose to eat and drink and honestly that is what matters.

                                2. re: Matt H

                                  Toronto is much more diverse then any of those cities you mentioned.

                                  1. re: pakmode

                                    I am not sure how one really truly measures diversity (Languages spoken, foreign born population, groups represented, visible minorities, etc..??)

                                    I think all of them are more than diverse enough to focus an entire episode on immigrant communities and their food, but if you say TO has the biggest "diversity penis" of bunch then I'll take your word for it!

                                    1. re: Matt H

                                      really, i just thought it was weird- the lack of visible minorities on screen ...when i hit up black hoof- i don't normally see a room full of white people, that is...only white people.

                                      also- you're going to interview randoms and not include anyone of visible minority? in toronto? odd.

                                      or maybe i just missed this- i didn't make it all the way through.

                              2. re: pakmode

                                He did feature a Kebab place, in North York, I think it was in one of the voice over b-roll segments, they showed some footage of this place and he said something like there being several good persian and afghan kebab places in the city.

                              3. Did they film this before Momofuku had opened? I know I've seen Bourdain hanging out with David Chang one of his shows (can't remember of it was No Reservations or The Layover).

                                While I agree with others that The Layover isn't as good as No Reservations, it's more practical and useful if you are planning to visit any of these cities profiled. I liked the Singapore show, for example, although I don't imagine I'll be in Singapore any time soon.

                                I haven't seen the Toronto episode yet, although I've read that he complimented our subway. If only he knew the significance of the "subway" word in Toronto.

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                                1. re: canmark

                                  What's the significance of the word "subway" in Toronto? Not sure why he'd compliment it. It's too easy to lose those tiny tokens.

                                  1. re: canmark

                                    He didn't compliment the subway that much, more like acknowledged that some subway system exists, and not to use it.

                                      1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

                                        it definitely felt like he was a little bored by the city.

                                        1. re: downtownfoodie

                                          Been watching "The Layover" from last year,and his reaction is pretty much the same wherever he goes....

                                    1. I'm glad Beast and Porchetta got some attention. I'm a huge fan of both.

                                      1. finally got around to watching this episode. . .thought the b-roll segments were actually the best parts. . .like downtown foodie noted, bourdain did look bored. having watched every ep of cook's tour, no reservations, and season one of the layover, the man looked bored. maybe that's his middle age catching up to him, but he definitely looked like he wanted to be hanging around picard and drinking himself blind in montreal. meh, i don't watch him for the badboy old school punk routine/schtick anyways. . .

                                        1. Figured I would throw this in here as it is the most recent thread talking about Bourdain on here.

                                          He is coming to Toronto in May as some of you may have heard already. Doing his "Good vs. Evil" tour. At the initial prices I wasn't interested but a friend told me about a Groupon today at 50% off for balcony seats. I know it is way up in outerspace but I figured at that price it makes a bit more sense and I will take the risk..


                                          Still works out to like to $33 a ticket.

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                                          1. Enjoyed the episode last night on T&E. T.O. has really changed since I spent some time there 13 years ago.

                                            It looks like you guys have more hipsters than us in Montreal. :)

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                                            1. re: JerkPork

                                              Probably true, but Montreal/Ottawa have more ravers.