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Dec 18, 2012 07:21 AM

DId anyone watch The Layover Toronto?

I personally thought they nailed It. A lot of the restaurants and bars I tend to frequent. About half way through the episode I thought they were focusing too much on downtown trendy spots, but then they even did a feature on street jerk chicken up on Eglinton west which I thought was a must. One part I feel they left out was Richmond Hill Chinese, but then again, thats not really "Toronto". Notable features were: The Black Hoof, Agave & Aguacate (Which is no longer there) Beast and Paddington's. I thought they did a good job of representing Toronto's diverse food scene.

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  1. Also a nice profile on Tosho knife arts with Olivia Go I found An online stream for you to watch

    1. I think they did a good job as well. I have visited most of the places he featured, but the ones I haven't, he definitely made me want to visit. Especially some of the bars.

      Honestly though I watch the Layover every week and I typically walk away with a list of places or cities to visit or re-visit in the future and the Toronto episode I think will catch many peoples attention.

      Its interesting you mentioned RH/Markham as in past episodes he has left the main core of the cities he has visited and featured noteworthy suburbs (The San Francisco episode comes to mind) So that did come across as a glaring omission and would have fit the "non trendy" part of the episode well. I personally find the Jerk spots on EW unremarkable and bland, but you could do alot worse for drunk food after a night out. A feature on the Patty Shops, especially Randy's would have represented JA cuisine better though.

      Overall a good episode which represented TO quite nicely.

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      1. re: Matt H

        Great point, he should have hit Randy's as well

      2. I saw on the plane, and I kept thinking to myself if there was anything I could do to get the pilot to make a "layover" in Toronto so I could make a stop at Black Hoof, and then a quick trip to the drug store for some Zocor.

        1. Watching now during my lunch break... I wish he would say who half the people are that they interview (vs. people that he meets). I don't think he does in general for most of the "talking heads". I recognize the girl in the red dress but not sure where from.

          Any of you CHers interviewed in this ? ;)

          Also surprised he didn't mention Porter/Island airport... Thinking people from NYC/Chicago/etc would seriously consider that as an option.

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            Not bad, but the whole episode came off as too earnest. Maybe that's fitting for Toronto!

          2. I liked the food spots highlighted on the episode but I didn't enjoy the overall classification of Toronto. Not to mention, aside from the Eglinton west spot, everything was south of Bloor.