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Whats happened to Chinese food delivery?

Why do none of the places I order from deliver Mustard anymore. You always have to ask for it intentionally or they dont provide?

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  1. In olden times you got a tea bag and almond cookie too!!

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      I remember that. I had a tin full of green tea bags that I collected from various take out meals that i never wound up using.

    2. WOW,,,, I thought I was the only one who complains about that. It's not just in Manhattan it is in all of the boroughs. Mustard is not more expensive than soy sauce. It is incredible that you mention this, I use mustard on my lo main, in my soup ,, on my spring rolls,, on just about everything. I am very unhappy that I always have to ask for it in order to get it. I am happy that I am not the only one who complains about this

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        the little plastic packets of "soy sauce" barely qualify as actual soy sauce

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          I think they realized that fewer people ate the mustard so why waste their money.

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            You've had to specify for years; my husband has made me go back to get it when I forget (we get takeout, no delivery here). But I'm not talking about the plastic squeeze packet that is just like the generic packet of soy sauce, the one he must have is the extra hot mustard in a cup that they make on site. I finally got smart and started keeping hot mustard powder around so I can whip it up when I forget. But if you're talking about the little packet, then I'm surprised.

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              I have Colemens mustard powder at home. How do you make it?

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                That's what I used at first, until I found Chinese hot mustard powder at the Asian store; but Coleman's is fine. Just add a bit of water at a time until it's the consistancy you want. If I'm using it to dip appetizers, sometimes I mix it with (good) soy sauce instead.

        2. Maybe it falls out of the bag when the delivery people run over pedestrians on the sidewalk.

          1. What neighborhood are you in? My UES place still delivers tons of mustard. I threw out several packs last night. If only I had known!

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              I got take out from Congee Village tonite, no chinese mustard. I asked for it when i ordered but opened the bag before i left and they didn't put any in.
              I haven't lived on UES in many years so perhaps that is the only neighborhood without the mustard shortage.

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                That's ok. I'd gladly trade my mustard for some Congee Village.

            2. Ironically, that's the only thing I'd want from a Chinese restaurant in the US.

              1. Just because of your post, we ordered from our local Chinese (Pearl's, on 97th/Amsterdam). Dinner for 4 came with 4 packages of: 2 soy, 2 mustard, 2 duck sauce, tea bag, fortune cookie. I can't recommend the quality of the food, but ya still get the mustard.

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                  We ordered from Pearl's the other night too. We got mustard packets, soy packets, duck sauce. We even got a little styrofoam cup containing the "end of meal" pineapple chunks! Along with fortune cookies, of course.

                2. We were glad when they stopped including the mustard packets, as we always threw them in the trash. We always specify NO MUSTARD, except if MIL is eating with us and we ask for EXTRA MUSTARD as she uses lots of it.

                  I'd rather avoid the waste and ask for the condiments I use. Avoiding waste is not only good for the environment, but keeps costs and prices from rising.

                  1. You have to order egg rolls.