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Groupons for Caffe Azzuri (Hartsdale) and Fig & Olive (Scarsdale), worth it?

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Pretty self-explanatory. I've read mixed things about both places on this board; are they worth giving a shot with these discounts?


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  1. I purchased the groupon for fig and olive...friends have enjoyed the food there, and with the big discount I figure it's worth a try!

    1. I went to Caffe Azzurri a while back (maybe a year ago?), so I'm not sure my review would still apply, but we found it extremely overpriced for mediocre food. Never been back.

      1. My meal at Fig & Olive was disappointing. The portion sizes are ridiculously small, and the tables are one on top of the other making you feel like you have to whisper to have a private conversation. Moreover, the seating is extremely uncomfortable. Nothing I have heard from anyone has convinced me that anything has changed since my meal there.

        1. Very different places. I don't know what Groupon is offering, but twice I've used Savored for Azzuri and found it to be a good deal. Not a great deal, not a great meal, but all in all not a bad way to go. The good thing about Savored is you don't pay anything up front. You make the res, print it out, and you get 25% deducted from your bill (food and drink). Does not apply to their prix fix.
          I happen to like Fig and Olive but have never used any sort of money off deal there

          1. Fig and Olive was one of the worst dining experiences I have ever had. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/777730

            1. Hmm....not promising on either place. Appreciate the intel.

              The Groupon for Azzurri is $40 for an appetizer and two entrees, up to $80 total. The one for Fig & Olive is $65 for an appetizer, two entrees, two desserts and two glasses of wine, up to $131 total.

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                The problem with Groupon deals that are structured that way is that unless you order the most expensive stuff on the menu, it won't be nearly as good a deal as they make it seem. I much prefer a flat amount to spend, and I get whatever I want up to that amount.

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                  Yeah, I've found that unless it's a real casual place, you generally don't get that flat amount to spend.

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                    It really depends on how they choose to structure the deal. I just vote with my wallet and refuse to buy the deals that are based on a maximum value (although I did go against my rule with 42). I do not eat a bunch of things (like shellfish) and I would almost never order the most expensive item on the menu, and we rarely order wine, so I would end up not getting anything close to the stated value.

                    I noticed that Tengda in Scarsdale (sadly, not Katonah) and some CT locations is back on Groupon with a $40 for $20 or $80 for $40 (requires 4 people) deal with no restrictions other than # of people for the $80 deal). We enjoyed our meal at the Scarsdale location a few months ago.