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Dec 18, 2012 03:28 AM

Buffalo(other than bugers) in central NJ

Any suggestions for a restaurant that has buffalo in central NJ. Something other than a buffalo burger. My wife enjoyed the buffalo pot roast at Ted Turners in NYC but I m hoping to stay local
thank you

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  1. 3 places to consider. All have buffalo and bison on their web menus.

    Clydz, New Brunswick

    Segeantsville Inn

    Peacock Inn, Princeton

    We haven't dined at Clydz in a long time so maybe others can give a current report. Segeantsville Inn has a long history of game entrees (I recall the old chef/owner from Clydz is or was there). The bison carpaccio at Peacock is excellent. The bison sirloin entrée at the Peacock is a newer addition and we have yet to try.

    edit: Just saw your same request from a couple years ago. My reply above echos the old thread...

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      Thanks I was hoping for something new or different so I wanted to try again..