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Dec 17, 2012 10:47 PM

Ratata is no more - Sushi restaurant "coming soon"

Drove by this little French outpost this morning on Westwood south of Santa Monica Blvd and saw a new sign that a Sushi Restaurant is coming soon. Sorry this almost always closed little place didn't make it but it had such spotty hours, closed at odd times throughout the day.

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  1. Is Sushi Masu still across the street? It'll be interesting what type of sushi joint will be there. Please don't make it a place like the Sushi Stop (horrid)!

    1. It had some very odd hours for sure. No joke. And their food was never very good.

      I always wished it was better than it turned out to be.

      But I also noticed a sushi joint called The Spot is going to be opening there.